Top 10 XTERRA Tales of 2014 - Numbers 8 and 7

Dec. 19, 2014

Tune in each day as we countdown to our top 10 stories of 2014. Here's a look at numbers seven and eight.


OUTBACK. The inaugural XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship at Jervis Bay in New South Wales was one for the ages. To go off-road in a place famous for its outback and where all the triathlon legends are from was a surreal experience; akin to the pilgrimage surfers must make to see Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. Kangaroos and laughing Cookaburras abound, complemented by a worthy elite field and eager amateurs. It was the start of something big down under.  April 18, 2015


ESPY. XTERRA Hall-of-Famer, World Champ, Cancer Survivor, Para-cycling Rock-Star, and Mom-of-the-Century Jamie Whitmore won the ESPY for Best Female Athlete with a Disability this summer. Whitmore is still the winningest female elite of all-time having collected 37 majors in a dozen different countries including the World Championship in 2004 before being diagnosed with cancer in 2008.  After several surgeries, including one to remove her entire left gluteus muscle she was told she’d likely never ride or run again.  It was just the kind of challenge Whitmore thrives on and she was back crushing the competition in all kinds of races shortly thereafter.  And she still is…

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