Top 10 XTERRA Tales of 2014 - Numbers 6 and 5

Dec. 20, 2014

Tune in each day as we countdown to our top story of 2014. Here's a look at numbers six and five.


SHIPWRECK. Joe Miller had a year to remember. After finishing third overall and top Filipino for the second straight year at the XTERRA Philippines Championship race he was crowned as the first real XTERRA elite from the Philippines.  It was a dream come true, rewarded with racing trips around the world and experiences he’ll never forget.  What makes his rise so special is how he did it; on-top of 11-hour a day/7-day work weeks at a bike shop in Cebu; all while helping feed the family and train his fellow Filipinos too.  His unbreakable work ethic, humble and grateful spirit stem from a life he once thought was over.  Joe is a Shipwreck survivor, and one of the nicest people on the XTERRA Planet.

Read his story, “Put Life in Perspective


50 : 1. The race that almost never was. XTERRA England was cancelled, revived, nearly died again, then was taken in-house by the TEAM in Hawaii and turned into a classic. The event - dubbed the “Woodstock of XTERRA” – would be a landmark day for two of XTERRA’s most noted elites.  Conrad “the Caveman” Stoltz won his unprecedented 50th career championship race at the age of 40; and Emma Garrard won her first with time to carry baby Torin across the line.  Bands, camping, beer, a twisting rollercoaster for a course, and an undeniable vibe of survival and celebration reigned.  This year England is back at Vachery Estate, on solid ground, and will double as the European Championship race and the last stop on the European Tour.  August 30, 2015.

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