XTERRA Nationals Quotes & Notes

Sep. 18, 2014

“Utah is exceptionally stunning and the ideal venue to host the Grand Finale of the US series again this year. I can’t wait to get back onto this demanding course to test myself against the best XTERRA athletes in the world,” – Brad Weiss

“The course is super buff, it feels like a lot of the rock has been removed from the bike course so it will probably be a pretty fast ride. I like Utah because it's beautiful, especially this time of year with the changing colors, but even more so, the community is very active, the people here are friendly and inviting and have such great "Live More" attitudes!” – Suzie Snyder

“All the time climbing with a couple fun downhills. I like the color of the mountain here and the beautiful views,” – Ruben Ruzafa

“A spectacular mountain side. Formidable landscapes. I hope the fall colors are in full saturation next weekend. It’s a very visual place to race at.” – Dan Hugo

“Having never raced in Ogden it is difficult for me to answer this question, but from what I have seen of the profile of the course- it looks hard! A lot of climbing which will favor the smaller, strong climbers. The run also has a lot of elevation gain, which means there will be nowhere to hide any weaknesses. It seems like a tough, honest course. Another factor to consider is the starting and finishing altitude. Lucky for me, I am based in Boulder, CO so the high altitude should not be an issue.” – Flora Duffy

“I don't know much yet about the course, this will be my first year racing Nationals, but I know it’s going to be good climbing almost all the time. For sure a beautiful place and great views all around the course. It’s amazing how all the sports and outdoor environment can create such a nice atmosphere.” – Mauricio Mendez

“It is an amazing time of year to be in the Ogden area with the fall colors and perfect temperatures,” – Josiah Middaugh


Swim course: 1,500-meters (0.93 miles) Combines two 750-meter laps (no run in-between)
Elevation at Port Ramp Marina for swim start: 4,900-feet / Water temperature: Traditionally around 67 degrees
Mountain bike course distance: 28-kilometers (17.7 miles) / Total climbing on bike: 3,400-feet
Elevation at highest point: 7,300-feet (where Sardine Peak Trail meets the ridgeline)
Elevation at T2/Snowbasin Resort Lodge: 6,400-feet
Trail Run course distance: 10.4kilometers (6.47 miles) / Total climbing on run: 616-feet / Total climbing on course: 4,016-feet


WHO: More than 1,000 athletes from 45 states and 10 countries ages 9-to-76.
WHAT: The XTERRA USA Championship triathlon and XTERRA Utah short and long course tri's are on Saturday, plus kids races, clinics, and Ogden's annual Harvest Moon Celebration, and the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship half-marathon and 5k, 10k fun runs are on Sunday.
WHEN: Friday-Sunday, September 19-21, 2014
The XTERRA Expo is from 10am to 6pm on Friday in Ogden
The XTERRA USA Championship race starts at 9am Saturday
The XTERRA Trail Run Nationals race starts at 9am Sunday
WHERE: Ogden on Friday and Snowbasin Resort on Sat/Sun
WHY: Both the XTERRA Tri and Trail Run National Championship races are the culmination of 70-race nationwide series, that end with a best-of-the-best showdown in Utah.
TV: XTERRA TV is producing an hour-long, nationally broadcast television show on the USA Championship, highlighting Northern Utah as a mecca for outdoor adventure recreation. Watch last year’s show right now at http://vimeo.com/84062339

WEBSITE: www.xterrautah.com

Follow Saturday’s race with live updates on twitter @xterraoffroad, #xterrautah starting at 9am MST

The 2014 XTERRA Nationals weekend is presented by the Utah Sports Commission, Paul Mitchell, and the XTERRA Live More Card. Sponsors include Snowbasin Resort, GOAL Foundation, Gatorade, PowerBar, ENVE, Utah Media Group, the U.S. Forest Service, XTERRA Wetsuits, Muscle Milk, Rockwell watches, XTERRA Fitness, LifeProof, XTERRA Coffee, Optic Nerve Sunglasses, Champion System, Greenlayer, and XTERRA Boards.


Below is a look at the tentative elite start list for next Saturday's XTERRA USA Championship race.  Rank denotes current position in the 2014 XTERRA U.S. Pro Series.

Rank - Name - Age, Hometown
1 - Josiah Middaugh – 36, Vail, CO
2 - Bradley Weiss – 25, Cape Town, South Africa
3 - Mauricio Mendez - 18, Mexico City, Mexico
4 - Craig Evans -36, Hendersonville, TN
5 - Dan Hugo – 29, Stellenbosch, South Africa
6 - Branden Rakita – 33, Colorado Springs, CO
7 - Ryan Ignatz – 35, Boulder, CO
8 - Chris Ganter – 35, Boise, ID
9 - Ryan Petry - 23, Boulder, CO
10 - Alex Modestou - 27, Durham, NC
11 - Jeff Smith - 31, Portland, OR
16 - Brad Zoller - 36, Avon, CO
18 - Cody Waite - Lakewood, CO
NR - Ben Allen – 29, Wollongong, Australia
NR - Rory Downie - 25, Scotland
NR - Andy Lee – 42, Lakeway, TX
NR - Ruben Ruzafa – 30, Malaga, Spain
NR - Louis Tafuto - 26, Glenwood Springs, CO
NR - Adam Wirth – 36, Boise, ID
NR - John O'Neill - 24, Edwards, Colorado

Rank - Name - Age, Hometown
1 - Flora Duffy - 27, Boulder, CO (Bermuda)
2 - Emma Garrard – 33, Park City, UT
3 - Suzie Snyder – 32, Fredericksburg, VA
4 - Chantell Widney – 34, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
5 - Shonny Vanlandingham – 45, Durango, CO
6 - Danelle Kabush – 39, Calgary, Alberta,Canada
8 - Jaime Brede – 37, Breckenridge, CO
9 - Kara LaPoint - 27, Truckee, CA
10 - Amelia McCracken - 31, Philadelphia, PA
11 - Debby Sullivan - 32, Rocklin, CA
12 - Caroline Colonna – 50, Taos, NM
13 - Rebecca Blatt - 34, Lakewood, CO
14 - Catherine Sterling – 37, West Boylston, MA
15 - Sara Schuler - 33, Boulder, CO
21 - Maia Ignatz - 34, Boulder, CO
22 - Kim Baugh - 34, Colorado Springs, CO
NR - Genevieve Evans - 41, Carnelian Bay, CA
NR - Lesley Paterson – 33, San Diego, CA
NR - Barbara Riveros – 27, La Pintana, Chile
NR - Susan Sloan - 32, Gauteng, South Africa
NR - Carina Wasle - 29, Kundl, Austria