Meet Some XTERRA Trail Runners

Sep. 11, 2014

We polled some of the XTERRA Trail Runners taking part in next Sunday's XTERRA Trail Run National Championship and discovered some really cool stories.  Our favorite is about the Ward Family from Layton, Utah; particularly Lota (7) and his sisters Tai (9) and Nani (10) who will be among the youngest runners in the field.  While they may be young, their big on heart as all 3 will be running for a cause.

"Lota's passion for running has really surprised and inspired us as his parents," said his mom Rowena.  "So we started telling him about people that run races for a cause. Lota has a friend name Jordan who has two little brothers that both have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and he knows that Tanner and Skyler will never be able to run like he can. So when we talked about raising some money to help his little friends, he was super excited. So when Lota runs XTERRA Trail Run Nationals this month, he will be running it to raise money for Tanner and Skyler Jensen and also to bring awareness to SMA.  He is so excited and as parents, we are so proud that he is willing to do this for his friends that can't."

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