2014 XTERRA America Tour Statistics

Sep. 11, 2014

Nineteen athletes racked-up a perfect 325 points during the course of the 2014 XTERRA America Tour (there were 27 last year). To score 325 points means these athletes won four races in their division, plus won their age group at one of the four regional championship events.

Of those 19, three men were a perfect 6-for-6 in their division this season; Rob Ricard (pictured) from Berwick, ME; Daryl Weaver from Lilitz, PA, and Alan Moore from Ada, MI. Taking it one step further Ricard won the overall at five of those six races, including the top spot at the XTERRA East Championship that doubled as USAT Nationals this year. Weaver won the overall at four of his races and is now 11-of-12 in his age group over past two seasons.

Stephanie Landy from Ballston Spa, New York was one of six females (along with Janet Soule, Linda Usher, Cindi Toepel, Misty Becerra, and Kelli Montgomery) to accumulate 325 points and managed to win her division at all five races she did.

Rob Ricard (North East Men 35-39) 6-of-6 in division, OA @ 5
Daryl Weaver (Atlantic Men 40-44) 6-of-6 in division, OA @ 4
Alan Moore (Mid West Men 65-69) 6-of-6 in division
Stephanie Landy (North East Women 55-59) 5-of-5 in division

G L Brown (Mid West Men 70-74) 5-of-6 in division
Charlie Redmond (Atlantic Men 65-69) 4-of-4 in division
David Rakita (Mountain Men 65-69) 4-of-4 in division
Dennis Freeman (West Men 65-69) 4-of-4 in division
David Duncan (West Men 15-19) 4-of-4 in division
Linda Usher (North East Women 65+) 4-of-4 in division
Ian Davidson (Southeast Men 60-64) 4-of-4 in division
Cindi Toepel (Mountain Women 60-64) 4-of-4 in division
Janet Soule (West Women 50-54) 4-of-5 in division
Jim Fisher (Atlantic Men 45-49) 4-of-5 in division
Chris Phenicie (Mountain Men 45-49) 4-of-5 in division
Dennis Farrell (Mountain Men 50-54) 4-of-5 in division
Misty Becerra (Southeast Women 30-34) 4-of-5 in division
Rory Macomber (West Men 20-24) 4-of-5 in division
Kelli Montgomery (North East Women 40-44) 4-of-6 in division

While there were only 19 to reach the perfect score, there were 70 racers in this year’s America Tour to rack up at least 300 points. Among them is past ENVE Performer of the Year award winner Chris Scott – who like Ricard, Weaver, and Moore - was a perfect 6-for-6 in his races (and like Ricard, won the overall at five of them). James Dewlen also won six races this year. Beverly Bickell was 5-for-5 in her division just like Stephanie Landy, and others with five W’s included G L Brown, Jan and Kim Bear, Kevin Adams, and Josh Schaffer.

Chris Scott (Mid West Men 40-44) 6-of-6 in division, OA @ 5
James Dewlen (South Central Men 65-69) 6-of-9 in division
Beverly Bickell (South Central Women 60-64) 5-of-5 in division
Jan Bear (South Central Men 55-59) 5-of-6 in division
Kevin Adams (Atlantic Men 55-59) 5-of-11 in division
Josh Schaffer (Southeast Men 35-39) 5-of-8 in division
Kim Bear (South Central Women 55-59) 5-of-6 in division

Dane Baldini (South Central Men 25-29) 4-of-4 in division
Greg Piske (South Central Men 50-54) 4-of-4 in division
Kristen Wade (Mid West Women 35-39) 4-of-4 in division
Jeffrey Dewitt (Mountain Men 35-39) 4-of-4 in division
Hadley Nylen (Mountain Women 30-34) 4-of-4 in division
Melanie Etherton (South Central Women 35-39) 4-of-4
Alissa Magrum (South Central Women 40-44) 4-of-4 in division

Benjamin Dillon (Southeast Men 30-34) 4-of-10 in division
Nicole Valentine (Atlantic Women 30-34) 4-of-5 in division
Marc Hawley (Mid West Men 60-64) 4-of-5 in division
Joshua Loren (Atlantic Men 30-34) 4-of-5 in division
Sam Chalk (Southeast Men 25-29) 4-of-5 in division
Ralph Nurse (Mid West Men 35-39) 4-of-5 in division
Tad Norton (North East Men 45-49) 4-of-8 in division
Clay Moseley (South Central Men 40-44) 4-of-6 in division
Missy Hunnicutt (Southeast Women 45-49) 4-of-5 in division

Kyle Wachenheim Southeast Men 20-24) 3-of-8 in division
Ali Arasta (Southeast Men 50-54) 3-of-4 in division
Brook Pace (Southeast Women 35-39) 3-of-4 in division
Slater Fletcher (West Men 35-39) 3-of-4 in division
John Royson (West Men 60-64) 3-of-4 in division
Michael Orendorff (Mountain Men 60-64) 3-of-4 in division
Jay Sampsel (North West Men 50-54) 3-of-4 in division
Laurence Goddard (South Central Men 65-69) 3-of-6 in division
Tiziana Dehorney (South Central Women 15-19) 3-of-4
Avery Nelson (Southeast Men 20-24) 3-of-4 in division
Marcus Barton (Southeast Men 40-44) 3-of-6 in division
Lucia Colbert (Southeast Women 55-59) 3-of-4 in division
Kathy Waite (Mountain Women 40-44) 3-of-4 in division
Tanya Houghton (Southeast Women 45-49) 3-of-4 in division
Cliff Millemann (West Men 55-59) 3-of-8 in division
Russell Clark (North East Men 60-64) 3-of-5 in division
Greg Seaman (Mid West Men 55-59) 3-of-5 in division
Kristofer Ochs (Mountain Men 25-29) 3-of-4 in division
Daniel Molnar (Mountain Men 30-34) 3-of-5 in division

Beata Wronska (Southeast Women 35-39) 2-of-4 in division
Steve Cole (Southeast Men 55-59) 2-of-4 in division
James Rawie (Southeast Men 65-69) 2-of-4 in division
Sian Turner (West Women 30-34) 2-of-4 in division
Gary Falls (Southeast Men 60-64) 2-of-4 in division
George Mainas (West Men 25-29) 2-of-4 in division
John Hatala (West Men 45-49) 2-of-4 in division
Bruce Wilson (West Men 55-59) 2-of-4 in division
Brian Brown (Mountain Men 35-39) 1-of-4 in division