EPC Tips - The "Recovery Ride"

Aug. 21, 2014

The "Recovery Ride," an important but often neglected training session.

Late summer is often a time of intense training blocks as athletes put their final touches on their training programs as they approach their final "A priority" events of the year. Along with intense training sessions also comes the need for very easy training (recovery sessions). In order to be able to go hard on your hard days you need to go easy on your easy days. These easy days, often referred to as "active recovery", give your body a chance to heal, repair damage, and grow stronger. It's crucial to take these easy days as seriously as your hard days if you really want to see improvement in your fitness.

The "recovery ride" is the quintessential active recovery session. Here's how to do it PRO style.

  • Put on the sharpest kit you have (the more 'white' the better)
  • Jump on your road bike and cruise through/around town in a small gear with a high cadence
  • Resist the urge to 'race' your fellow bike path competitors that are passing you
  • At the turnaround point of your ride, stop for a cappuccino & muffin at your favorite coffee spot
  • Spin home

Total time should be 60-90 minutes and you should feel fresher and more energized upon return than when you departed. In all seriousness, make these rides EASY and fun. Just enough effort to get the blood moving, but slow enough that casual commuters are leaving you in their dust. These easy days will allow you to recover more quickly and ready yourself for more hard work in the days that follow.

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