"The King Isn't Dead" - Stoltz, Hugo Rivalry Exposed

Jun. 6, 2014

You could see this coming since 2006, when 22-year-old Dan Hugo started racing XTERRA in the U.S. and was immediately labeled “the Prodigy.”  It was only fitting as Hugo was super-fast and from the same hometown (Stellenbosch, South Africa) as the undisputed King of the sport – Conrad Stoltz.

After finishing just 16-seconds behind his mentor at the XTERRA Southeast Championship in 2008 Hugo humbly said, “It wasn’t a close race at all.  Conrad punctured his tire, fixed the flat, and was still the strongest racer out there today.”  For years after it was a recurring theme for Hugo, those second-place finishes in the shadows of the “Caveman.”

This year things are different.  Dan “The Man” Hugo is in the spotlight, having won five XTERRA World Tour majors including head-to-head meetings against Stoltz in their home town race at XTERRA South Africa and the prestigious XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship in Australia.

Prodigy, Mentor, Shadows no more.

South African journalist Angus Powers dug into the Stoltz-Hugo dynamic and crafted a riveting piece on the intensifying rivalry between the two for the The Red Bulletin titled “The King Isn’t Dead”

Click the image below for the PDF courtesy Angus Powers.