EPC Tips: Day Before the Race

Jun. 13, 2014

This week's workout is an example of what to do the day before a race...

You've trained hard for weeks, recovered, tapered and now just about ready to race! What's a triathlete to do the day before a race? There are different schools of thought about tapering and what to do in the week(s) before a race depending on several key factors: including the event you're racing and your personal training volume and intensity, among others; but the last couple days before race day are pretty universal among most coaches. Two days out is perfect for a day off, and the day before a "tune-up" or "opener" workout is pretty standard to get the body and mind ready to race. The general idea is to rid yourself of any lingering fatigue that might be left after your taper and to allow for a full "top-off" of your glycogen stores with the full rest day, two days before.  Then the "race prep" session the day before the race "opens up the system" by getting the blood pumping a bit with some short fast efforts to ready yourself for your race day effort and rid yourself of any "post-rest day lethargy" that may have occurred.

The following is a typical "Race Prep" session I prescribe to my athletes the day before a race, ideally performed at the race venue.

You may find you need to modify a bit to suit your needs, race venue logistics, or travel schedule. Good luck on race day!

SWIM (20:00)
5:00 easy warm-up
4:00 building to race pace, 1:00 rest
4x[0:30 hard, 0:30 easy], 1:00 rest
5:00 easy warm-down

BIKE (40:00)
10:00 easy warm-up
5:00 building to race pace
5:00 easy
4x[1:00 hard, 2:00 easy]
8:00 easy

RUN (15:00)
5:00 dynamic warm-up drills
5x[0:20 strides, 0:40 walk]
5:00 walk/dynamic drills

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