XTERRA Point Series News and Notes

Apr. 11, 2014

Greg Schott from Chesterfield, VA and Misty Becerra of Clermont, FL captured the XTERRA Hickory Knob off-road tri Saturday at McCormick, South Carolina in 2:06:39 and 2:22:31, respectively.

XTERRA Ambassador Marcus Barton, who finished fourth on the day on first in the masters division, stumbled upon a unique natural occurrence before the race…an abundance of falling pollen.  Here’s how he described it…

“When we showed up on Friday for a pre-ride and run of the XTERRA Hickory Knob course, it was vastly different weather than 2013.  Last year, at race time, it was raining, cold and water in the mid-50’s.  In that race, I didn’t warm up until I was in the showers after the race,” said Barton.  “This year, it was sunny and mid 70’s before the race, but there was what appeared to be a fog cloud in the air.  You don’t have to be a weatherman to know that sunny and 70 is not typically when you have fog.  That’s because this cloud wasn’t fog after all, but instead a haze of pollen in the air.  The ground was covered in a layer of yellow as if it was a dusting of snow and you had nice little puffs of it with every step.  The trail was even worse and several times during my pre-ride, I’d stop and look behind me to see the yellow cloud that I had stirred up resettle to the ground.  I’ve raced in dusty conditions, but this was definitely taking it a step farther.”

You can read Marcus’ full account of race day on his blog, marcusbarton.com // XTERRA Hickory Knob complete Results


The inaugural XTERRA Tiger off-road tri takes to the trails at Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama. Chris Bowers, owner of www.about-time-events.com, and the guys at CAMP (Central Alabama Mountain Pedalers) who take care of the trails say it’s a “perfect venue for an off-road triathlon as it has one of the areas best parks for a Tri, a fun and fast trail system and a quiet comfortable setting.”

The race combines a half-mile swim with a 10-mile bike loop and 3.1-mile run.


Race director Fred Phillips of DLT Events is putting up $1,000 to the fastest two male and females, based on cumulative time in the XTERRA Epic - Rustman and the XTERRA Gator Terra off-road triathlons to be held May 3-4 at Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston, Louisiana.

“This weekend is also the only time here in the U.S. that you can earn two full sets of point towards the XTERRA Point Series,” said Phillips.  “Who needs Iron when you can get Rusty!”

Now in its 18th year the XTERRA Gator Terra, the longest running XTERRA in the continental U.S., is ready to snap into action on May 4. Its partner, the XTERRA Epic – The RustMan, will be the feature on May 3rd. 

Last year XTERRA created the XTERRA Epic Series, which consisted of 4 races,” explained Phillips. “The Rustman is the first race of the 2014 National Series, so get a head start on your competition towards become a XTERRA Epic National Champion!”

This year’s Epic Series races include the XTERRA Epic – Rustman on May 3 (Ruston, LA), the XTERRA Epic – Marquette on Sept. 13 (Marquette, MI), the XTERRA Epic – ASP on Sept. 27 (Salamanca, NY), and the XTERRA Epic – Iron Mountain on October 18 (Arkadelphia, AR).

All four races will feature a one-mile swim, 30-to-35 mile mountain bike, and 9-to-11 mile trail run.  The Series will be scored in 10-year age groups starting from 18-29, where racers count their best two scores to vie for the 2014 XTERRA Epic Series Championship.

The four events will also award XTERRA Points Series level points into the XTERRA America Tour, with the Rustman counting for the 2014 season while the other three will count towards the 2015 season.

“Hosting the oldest continually running XTERRA on the main land, the Gator Terra, as well as the XTERRA Epic - The Rustman , the oldest XTERRA Epic, holds a certain responsibility. We have worked hard to keep it fresh and fun,” said Phillips.

DLT Events was founded in 1998, and produces events throughout Arkansas and the surrounding states.

“Our Mission is to provide events that fit the needs of the first time participant to highly driven competitor. Through these events we support the programs of Teen Challenge, a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program,” said Phillips.