Atlantic Series Promises to be a Blast

Mar. 6, 2014

The goal is for runners to leave an XTERRA Atlantic Series race feeling remarkable.

Co-race director Jefferson Nicholson made a few tweaks for the second year of the series in hopes runners have an awesome experience on the trails. That includes having a multimedia production so runners and spectators can relive the race with videos and photos. The series begins March 16 with the White Clay Creek Trail Run in Delaware.

“We (don’t) want to make it memorable, but remarkable,” Nicholson said. “We want folks leaving race thinking ‘man that was the smoothest race, the only thing I had to worry about was the race. Directions were easy, parking and check in a breeze all the way through.’ ”

Nicholson said the inaugural year of the series in 2013 went well and there was a bigger turnout than expected. One of the races, the XTERRA Seneca Creek, made Competitor Magazine’s list of “21 Must-Do Mid-Atlantic Races.” He’s expecting 400 to 500 for that race on April 12 in Maryland. The series has races in both Maryland and Delaware, and attracts runners from nearby states.

The multimedia aspect to the series will add another layer to the fun race experience. A production company will gather interviews, shoot video, and take photos, and all of those will be posted online afterwards.

“We want to help them share memories with friends and family, capture race day and make sure we’re having an enjoyable event,” Nicholson said.

He’s added more staff to help with race coordination and course marshaling. The series opener at White Clay Creek is a new race and he encourages runners to use that race to get a jump on the points standings. He thinks the recent winter weather delayed training schedules, so there may be fewer entries. Not only do age group leaders at the end of the season earn a trip to the XTERRA National Championship, but they’ll also receive gifts from Nicholson and his wife/co-race director, Kristen. The two, who own Adventure Geek Productions, got married in January.

Photo courtesy of Adventure Geek 

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