Mader, Lemon win Alabama Trail Run Series Opener

Jan. 17, 2014

Branden MaderAlabama kicked off 2014 with a blast at the Monte Sano 15km/5km. This was the last of six races, and the terrain was probably the toughest competitors will face in the series. The weather didn't make it easier with heavy thunderstorms in the area the night before the race and rain stopping just prior to the race starting.

"Those two combined allowed for a true XTERRA Mud Fest!" said race director Tim Schroer.

There was never any doubt that Kylie Lemon would win the women's 15km event. She crossed the line 13 minutes ahead of Erin Looney, while Beth Hiett was another six minutes back.

The men's race saw Brandon Mader running away with the victory as Eric Charette and Jon Krichen battled it out for second and third.

In the women's 5km Lisa Booher won with over a minute lead ahead of Elizabeth Helleand who had Jessia Houppert in hot pursuit only seconds after.

The men's race was close with 14-year-old Korey Shively crossing the line six seconds ahead of 56-year-old Robert Whitaker and another teenager Bailey Herfurth, 16, 20 seconds back for third.

Top 3 -15km

1. Kylie Lemon 1:21:47.4
2. Erin Looney 1:34:36.8
3. Beth Hiett 1:40:21.4

1. Brandon Mader 1:08:07.9
2. Eric Charette 1:11:41.0
3. Jon Krichen 1:12:09

Top 3 - 5km

1. Lisa Booher 27:37.2
2. Elizabeth Helland 28:55.5
3. Jessica Houppert 28:57.6

1. Korey Shively 23:42.4
2. Robert Whitaker 23:48.5
3. Bailey Herfurth 24:08.9

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