XTERRA Across America Challenge

Dec. 6, 2013

2013 Mr. XTERRA award-winner Brent Bieshaar, who completed an XTERRA triathlon every weekend of the season this year during his XTERRA Across America journey (finishing an unprecedented 24 races overall) is challenging the Tribe to do the same in 2014…with a twist.

XTERRA Across America“It was such a rewarding experience I wanted to share it with others,” said Bieshaar.  “Now, realizing that not many of even the most die-hard triathletes are able to travel the nation every weekend, I had the idea to make it a more attainable goal by creating the team challenge.”

With that, we introduce the XTERRA Across America Team Challenge.  Here’s how it works.  Each team will consist of no more than three team members.  Those two or three people will combine their efforts to complete an XTERRA triathlon every week of the season, from the first race of the 2014 XTERRA America Tour* (tentatively XTERRA Key Biscayne on February 16) until the official end of the regular season on August 31st.

To start dreaming about the possibilities have a look at the tentative 2014 race schedule here.

How each team chooses to divide the races between themselves is entirely up to the team, and there is no requirement that each member compete in an equal number of races.

XTERRA will keep score based upon the age-group place finish for each race.  The team with the lowest score will be named the winner and each member of the winning team will earn a qualifying slot into the XTERRA World Championship in Maui on October 26 (not a free spot, but a spot nonetheless).

XTERRA Across America will continue as a platform to raise money and awareness for the Blazeman Foundation and the War on ALS.  Each team will raise $1,500 ($500 per team member) and each member will receive an official XTERRA Across America racing kit.

Throughout the season, weekly stories about the teams will be posted on thewww.xterraacrossamerica.com web page and on Facebook, and teams will be encouraged to submit stories about their experiences.

There is already one team that has made the commitment to take on the XTERRA Across America Team Challenge.  Of course, Bieshaar is on it, and will be joined by Kevin Adams (Bethesda, MD) and Ben Dillon (Pensacola, FL).

Those interested in accepting the challenge or if you have any questions please contact Brent at bbieshaar [at] msn.com.  Also, individuals who are interested in the team challenge, but do not have a team formed, should contact Brent.  He will assist in hooking you up with others who have expressed an interest.

*The 2014 races held during the end of 2013 are not considered within this challenge