XTERRA Adventures on OC16 TV & Online

Nov. 7, 2013

TEAM TV, producers of the adrenaline-pumping XTERRA Adventures TV series, is proud to announce a partnership with Oceanic Time Warner Cable to broadcast the award-winning shows in Hawaii exclusively on OC 16.

XTERRA AdventuresXTERRA Adventures show No. 1 - the first of eight half-hour, magazine-format programs - premiered on Monday and follows with repeat airings Tuesday through Sunday (see below for show times).  Each Monday a new XTERRA Adventures show will be broadcast at 9:30 p.m. HST, and follow with daily repeat airings.

XTERRA Adventures is an award-winning national TV Series covering thrilling adventures, activities and events from some of the world’s greatest adventure destinations.  Filmed and produced in high definition, this 8-show series explores exciting activities from the Hawaiian Islands to South Africa.

“We are really excited about XTERRA Adventures becoming a weekly series on OC 16, and know our destination partners and the athletes and adventures we cover are thrilled with the exposure,” said Tom Kiely, CEO of TEAM Unlimited.

In show No. 1 XTERRA Adventures visits the dramatic setting of Kualoa Ranch for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, hits the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, explores the pristine waters off Maui and Lanai on a scuba diving adventure, and celebrates one of the world’s most unique – and hilarious – surf competitions at the Buffalo Big Board Surf Classic at Makaha Beach.

Ensuing episodes expose everything from the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing competition to breathtaking paragliding rides high above the island chain, off-road triathlon racing in the jungles of Saipan and the Philippines as well as snowboarding the slopes of Central Oregon.

"We're excited and proud to have 'XTERRA Adventures' on OC16. We have partnered with XTERRA over the last few years for their Trail Run World Championship race and it seemed fitting to include the show in our family of programs. Their beautiful production and storytelling make it a welcomed addition to OC16," said Lianne Nishimura Killion, the Sr. Programming Manager at Oceanic Time Warner Cable.

New XTERRA Adventures shows can be seen on OC 16 each Monday at 9:30pm, with repeats on Tuesday (3:30am), Wednesday (4pm), Thursday (7:30am), Friday (12 noon), Saturday (6:30pm), and Sunday (12:30am).

The shows will also air online at oc16.tv and perpetuated on OC16 On Demand, OC16 Interactive and in the archived shows on oc16.tv.  For a complete list of show descriptions and schedules, visit www.OC16.tv/shows.