2013 XTERRA Warrior Award Winner Ron Hill

Nov. 1, 2013
In Hawaii, our kupuna – our elders – are highly esteemed.  They are our guides and our mentors.  They are treasured and honored for their wisdom and life experience.

Ron HillXTERRA is fortunate to have a strong group of kupuna -18 men and women 65 and older that raced in the World Championship in Maui.  XTERRA’s kupuna exemplify our “live more” creedo and inspire us to do more and be more.

Between them they hold numerous national championship and world championship titles. All of these athletes deserve our support and applause – however, one of them is deserving of a little extra attention.

Just a year ago at the XTERRA World Championship, our 2013 XTERRA Warrior Award Winner had a bad mountain bike crash on the downhill and crushed his pelvis.  It’s not an easy injury to recover from, not when you’re 30, and definitely not when you're 75-years-old.

He went from racing on Maui to a medevac flight to Oahu where he spent weeks prone in a hospital bed.   He graduated to a wheelchair and then to a walker -  and was walking unassisted by the end of February 2013.  It wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t easy, but he did it.

In April of this year, he and his wife (who is XTERRA’s most cherished volunteer) drove out to the XTERRA West Championship in Las Vegas just to help out.  It was during this trip, while taking the family dog out for a stretch that Ron started to jog…and by July, he was racing XTERRA again…and again in August... and again in September – complete with prepping for the U.S. National Championship in Utah with uphill sprints.  He finished the race - one of XTERRA’s most grueling endurance challenges -and took his 3rd National Championship.

This year Hill returned to Maui to take care of some unfinished business on the Kapalua course.  He did so in grand fashion, conquering the World Championship in seven hours, 12 minutes and 11 seconds to win the 75-79 division XTERRA World Championship for the second time.

Our 2013 XTERRA Warrior award winner, and treasured Kupuna – Mr. Ron Hill.

Here's a look at the names and finish times of our kupuna at this year's XTERRA World Championship:

Men 65 - 69
Bruce Wacker : 4:29:03
Laurence Goddard : 4:50:48
Richard Wall : 5:21:12
Terry Hutchins : 5:21:55
Masashi Ando : 6:07:20

Men 70 - 74
Peter Wood : 5:07:59
James Meskimen : 5:13:28
Ronald Scranton : 5:52:27
G L Brown : 5:57:51
Roger Kern : 6:22:45
Stuart Lumb : 6:43:22
Rodger Bivens : 6:49:59

Men 75 - 79
Ronald Hill : 7:12:11

Women 65 - 69
Wendy Minor : 6:09:21
Kimiko Matsuda : 6:17:54
Katherine Frank : 6:48:06
Charlotte Mahan : 7:02:05