TEAM 2 END AIDS Headed to XTERRA Trail Run Worlds Again

Oct. 18, 2013

Group raised $99,000 last year, and has already surpassed it this year

TEAM 2 END AIDS made a difference at the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship in 2012, and they'd like to make a bigger difference this year.

Team 2 End AidsClose to 50 runners from TEAM 2 END AIDS will make the trip from California to Hawaii to participate in the 2013 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship on November 24 at Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu.

TEAM 2 END AIDS - or T2 for short - is an endurance event training program based in Southern California that benefits AIDS Project Los Angeles. Last year, T2 brought 25 runners to the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, and they raised $99,000 from that race alone. They also returned to Southern California with stories and photos that spread throughout their running community.

"When we decided to mix things up a bit last year and add our first trail race with XTERRA, people really liked the idea, but I'm not sure they understood what made trail races different than other races," said Kerry Quakenbush, the Director of Endurance Events for T2. "After the XTERRA race last year, people started sending back photos and feedback on their wonderful experience with XTERRA at Kualoa Ranch. That's when word got around on social media sites and new people wanted to give trail running a try. The trip to Oahu for this race is awesome. You get the best of the tourist parts of the island (Waikiki, etc.) and you get the gorgeous scenery of the North Shore."

T2 already has 45 runners signed up for the 2013 XTERRA Trail Run National Championship, and the fundraising effort for the race has already surpassed last year's total. "We are already at $119,000 this year and would ideally like to hit $175,000," Quakenbush said.

The experience from last year has also provided training incentive for this year. Members of T2 have been meeting every Saturday for training runs on the various trails in the Los Angeles area.

"The good thing about the Los Angeles area is that there are loads of trails with steep terrain that makes for perfect training for Worlds," Quakenbush said. "We meet as a group each Saturday in one of the gorgeous LA parks where we follow a schedule that starts with 2 miles of running and eventually gets up to 12 miles. In addition to our Saturday long run, we instruct everyone to run during the week at least twice as well. Everyone in our group finished Worlds last year and we aim to see that happen again on November 24."

The T2 runners will be among a group of 2,000 expected to run at Kualoa Ranch for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship on November 24. The event will feature three courses - the 21K world championship course, a 10K and a 5K. Each course is open to runners of all ages and abilities, from anywhere in the world.


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