Andre Szucs XTERRA Experience

Oct. 11, 2013

There are a lot of inspirational athletes on the XTERRA Planet and at the XTERRA USA Championship in Utah last month, we discovered another.

Andre SzucsAndre Szucs, a below-the-knee amputee, has been overcoming adversity his entire life. So much so, he says “basically, I came to the conclusion that I am no different than anyone else out there, like everybody I am just exploring my physical limits...not to be confused with physical limitations because of an amputation, that's not how I handle my life.”

Szucs, a 33-year-old from Brazil who now lives and works in Encinitas, is an accomplished athlete across many disciplines and an Ironman World Champ.

This year he took to the trails for the first time at the XTERRA Snow Valley off-road tri as a way to challenge himself.

“I thought I knew myself enough to consider that I was "fully capable" but I always had that unfortunate feeling that I could not run off-road.  This fear was always surrounding me that I could hurt myself and it could be bad for my knee and nothing could change that.”

Then he summoned the courage and gave it a try.

“It was a benchmark in my life and a whole new perspective on how far I could go. I am so excited to start this journey and I know there is so much room for improvement, especially on my prosthesis for running.”

Szucs second XTERRA was at the USA Champs, where he finished 3rd in the PC division and earned a qualifying spot into the XTERRA World Championship.

“Lesson learned," said Szucs.  "Don't be afraid to be happy. When asking ourselves if we can do something...before answering, go and TRY FIRST!”

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