XTERRA America Tour Perfection

Sep. 13, 2013

A record number of athletes, 27 in all, racked-up a perfect 325 points during the course of the 2013 XTERRA America Tour.  To score 325 points means these athletes won four races in their division, plus won their age group at one of the four regional championship events.

Alex ModestouOf those 27 only one man – Alex Modestou – won seven races, and to make it even more impressive he captured the overall at five of those.  Modestou is an aspiring pro who first raced XTERRA eight years ago shortly after graduating from high school in Iowa.  The 27-year-old, who now lives in Washington, D.C. working as a business analyst for GEICO Insurance, won the amateur title at the XTERRA East Championship in June (was 10th overall ahead of several pros) and was 9th overall in the thin air of the Rockies at the XTERRA Mountain Championship.

There were three men who won six races this year, highlighted by 11-time South Central Region Champion Kyle Grieser from Marble Falls, Texas.  Also of note, Marcus Barton won six-of-seven and George Mainas won six-of-eight.

For the women both Melanie Etherton and Cindi Toepel had perfect six win seasons, and Etherton won the overall at five of those.  Not to be out done, Toepel won the overall at XTERRA Iron Creek this year, at the age of 62!

Reigning XTERRA 40-44 World Champ Mimi Stockton had a stellar season as well, winning the overall at all five races she entered, including a head-to-head showdown with Etherton at the Southeast Championship.

Perhaps the greatest individual female performances this year were turned in by Hannah Rae Finchamp, 17, from Altadena, California.  She won her division at all five XTERRA races she entered and was the top amateur at three of them.  The reigning XTERRA USA and World Champion finished a remarkable sixth overall behind only the top five pro women at the XTERRA West Championship in April, and was 9th overall at the Mountain Championship in July. Finchamp, who has been racing XTERRA since she was 15 and has also collected several XTERRA Trail Run racing trophies, is just a junior at Maranatha HS in Pasadena.

Here’s a look at perfection, the "325 Club"(the names in bold indicate they are signed-up for XTERRA Nationals)
Alex Modestou (Northeast 25-29) A perfect 7-for-7
Kyle Grieser (South Central 30-34) A perfect 6-for-6
Melanie Etherton (South Central 35-39) A perfect 6-for-6
Cindi Toepel (Mountain 60-64) A perfect 6-for-6
Marcus Barton (Southeast 40-44) Won 6-of-7
George Mainas (West 25-29) Won 6-of-8
Mathieu Signoretty (Northwest 20-24) A perfect 5-for-5
Hannah Rae Finchamp (West 15-19) A perfect 5-for-5
Mimi Stockton (Midwest 40-44) A perfect 5-for-5
Roman Brown (Northeast 15-19) A perfect 5-for-5
Daryl Weaver (Northeast 40-44) Won 5-of-6
Charlie Dixon (South Central 45-49) Won 5-of-7
Alan Moore (Midwest 60-64) A perfect 4-for-4
Joshua Loren (Northeast 30-34) A perfect 4-for-4
Lucia Colbert (Southeast 55 -59) A perfect 4-for-4
Jim Meskimen (West 70-74) A perfect 4-for-4
Elizabeth Gruber (West 20-24) A perfect 4-for-4
Kara LaPoint (West 25-29) A perfect 4-for-4
Karen Brisson (West 45-49) A perfect 4-for-4
Barbara Peterson (West 55-59) A perfect 4-for-4
Ali Arasta (Southeast 50-54) Won 4-of-5
Bryce Phinney (West 35-39) Won 4-of-5
Tamara Tabeek (West 50-54) Won 4-of-5
David Desantis (Northeast 50-54) Won 4-of-6
Grayson Keppler (South Central 25-29) Won 4-of-6
Maia Ignatz (Mountain 30-34) Won 4-of-6
Michael McCluskey (Midwest 60-64) Won 4-of-7