EPC Tips - Workout of the Week - Time to Run Faster

Aug. 16, 2013

By Cody Waite

We're inside six weeks from XTERRA Nationals and eleven weeks from XTERRA Worlds. A little bit more aerobic endurance and strength training is still needed before switching gears to higher intensity training. The following training session is a great 'tweener' workout that emphasizes aerobic endurance and strength, while also upping the pace a bit, nearing race pace, for short segments throughout.

Cody Waite RunInstead of plodding along mindlessly for 2+ hours like many triathletes do on their 'long run' days, instead run a little less and run a little faster!  We are training to race fast, right? During a mid-season 'rebuild' period like the one many of us are in now, with our sights set firmly on the fall XTERRA Championship events, it's not time to plod, it's time to run...and run we will!

The objective of this run remains aerobic endurance, but by cutting the volume a bit and adding some tempo segments you also build strength to help you 'keep it together' at the end of your race, rather than disintegrating into a hip-dropping, flailing mess. So if your regular long run volume is 2 hours, cut it back to 90 minutes, if its currently 90 minutes cut it back to 75 minutes, and add the following tempo intervals to the run. Also running your endurance run over hillier terrain  builds strength and stamina that will increase your hill running ability, a necessity for XTERRA athletes!

So pack your bags and head for the hills (or treadmill if you live in an 'incline challenged' region) for this endurance run session:

  • Begin with 5 minutes of dynamic warm-up drills
  • 10 minutes of easy warm-up running
  • 40-70 minutes of aerobic endurance pace running over hilly terrain.
    • Within the run include two to four 6-10 minute 'tempo' efforts. Tempo effort is a little below race pace. A good solid effort, but still aerobic, and it should 'feel good'. If you're not 'feeling good' then you're better off backing off and keeping it mellower. Be sure to include some uphill as well as downhill segments with the faster running. Running strong downhill is an important piece of the XTERRA equation. Great session to do with friends that will push you a bit and make it fun. Take a short walk break after finishing the interval and resume the easier aerobic pace for several minutes before hitting the next tempo segment.
  • Finish with a 5 minute walking warm-down

The XTERRA 'Workouts of the Week' are brought to you by XTERRA pro, Cody Waite. Also the head coach of EPC Multisport, Cody and his coaches work with XTERRA athletes from from first-timer to World Champion and help each one maximize their potential and make the most of their racing experience. You can purchase the 2013 XTERRA Championship Group Coaching plan and get all the specific training sessions that will have you at your best for XTERRA USA and XTERRA World Championships. Don't forget to follow EPC Multisport on Facebook!

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