EPC Tips - Workout of the Week - Swim Session

Aug. 9, 2013

By Cody Waite

We are less than 7 weeks out from XTERRA USA Championships and 12 out from XTERRA World Championships, it's time to get serious with your training! If you've been training and racing hard all spring and summer, like most XTERRA athletes, and you hope to race well in September and October then it's time to change things up. We are continuing the theme of revisiting some 'base' training to rebuild some aerobic fitness and strength.

The following swim session is another key session through the first few weeks of EPC Multisport's XTERRA Championship Training Plan. With this workout you do multiple sets consisting of descending distances and building paces. For this workout you need to know your goal race pace per 100 as that is what you are building towards by the end of each round. For the example below, the swimmer’s goal race pace is 1:30 per 100. Add more rounds to the set as you build your endurance each week. You can also add a strength component by alternating rounds with normal freestyle and pulling. The rest intervals are kept short in order to maximize aerobic conditioning. Have at it!

  • Warm-up swim of choice (400-1200 yards total).
  • Main Set, as multiple (2-4) rounds :
    • 300 in 5:00 on 5:20 (1:40 pace)
    • 200 in 3:10 on 3:30 (1:35 pace)
    • 100 GOAL! (1:30 for this example)
    • 30 seconds rest before start of next round
    • Repeat 1-3 more times through.
  • Warm-down of choice (100-500 yards total).

The Workouts of the Week are brought to you by XTERRA pro, Cody Waite. Also the head coach of EPC Multisport, Cody and his coaches work with XTERRA athletes from from first-timer to World Champion and help each one maximize their potential and make the most of their racing experience. Follow EPC Multisport on Facebook!

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