EPC Tips - Workout of the Week - Pre-race Swim Session

Aug. 30, 2013

By Cody Waite

This week’s workout is a great race pace swim session that I learned from XTERRA super-swimmer Craig Evans’ swim coach Coach Ron.

Craig EvansFrom the key swim session a few weeks back we worked on building a swim base that descended down to a single  race pace 100 within each round. This allowed us to get a feel for race pace while improving our overall endurance in the water. Now it’s time to really work that race pace over a full main set to really get the feel for race day swimming. This set will have you swimming 1500 meters or yards at your goal pace and on very little rest. The set is made more manageable by breaking up the 100?s into ‘mini sets’ of descending reps with moderate paced 100s thrown in between to give you a little bonus recovery so you can really nail your target pace. You should know your goal race pace per 100 for this session. To find your swim interval, add 5-10 seconds to your goal race for the race pace segments, and add another 30 seconds to the interval for the ‘recovery 100s’. For the example below I’ll use a 1:32 per 100 goal race pace, which equates to a 1:40 swim interval for the ‘race pace 100s’ and a 2:10 swim interval for the ‘recovery 100s’ (as noted in the parenthesis).

Dial in your race pace with the following swim session:

  • 400-1000 choice warm-up
  • Main Set:
  • 5×100 @ goal race pace + 5-10 seconds  (on 1:40)
  • 100 moderate (on 2:10)
  • 4×100 @ goal race pace + 5-10 seconds (on 1:40)
  • 100 moderate (on 2:10)
  • 3×100 @ goal race pace + 5-10 seconds (on 1:40)
  • 100 moderate (on 2:10)
  • 2×100 @ goal race pace + 5-10 seconds (on 1:40)
  • 100 moderate (on 2:10)
  • 1×100 ALL OUT!!  (everything you left, go for it!)
  • 200-1000 choice warm-down

Big thanks to Coach Ron Chalasta, of the Sea Star Swim School in Hendersonville TN, for the great set.

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