XTERRA Trail Runs Growing in New Zealand

Apr. 12, 2013

The popularity of an XTERRA Trail Run Series is not limited to the United States. The XTERRA Wellington Trail Run Series has become a running success in New Zealand, and a new season is about to begin.

New Zealand RunnersThe XTERRA Mad Makara Trail Run is set for April 21, and it will be the first of four races in the 2013 XTERRA Wellington Trail Run Series.

"We are expecting 400 runners and walkers at each of the events in the series," said Evelyn Williamson, one of the directors of the series. "This has grown from our first year, five years ago, when we had around 150 at each event."

In an effort to cater to the various levels of runners, each race in the series offers at least three course options. The short courses usually ranges from 5 to 7 kilometers, the medium courses range from 10 to 13 kilometers, and the long courses usually cover 16 to 22 kilometers.

The real draw of the series is the natural landscape of Wellington. The four races in the series are held at four different locations, and each event offers unique challenges.

"The trails are all variable, which is the beauty of Wellington," Williamson said. "Some are through pristine native bush, and others are on exposed bluffs overlooking the Tasman sea or Pacific Ocean, and some are over lush farmland and pine forest.

"Many of the events have stream crossings, and the wind farm trails will also involve a bit of rock scrambling along the west coast and a couple of kilometers of running on pebbles and stones.  We try to keep the shorter courses a little easier and more attainable, while we put in some grunty climbs for our longer runners to sort the mice from the wo(men).  Sometimes the harder we make things the more our participants love it…..go figure."

The four races in the series will be held in the months of April, May and June - which is the Fall season in New Zealand. "We have tried the series in spring and in winter and have found this to be the best and safest time of the year to do it in this region," Williamson said.

To learn more about the XTERRA Wellilngton Trail Run Series, please visithttp://www.xterrawellington.co.nz/

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