Hannah Rae Does it Again - XTERRA West Champs Maui Qualifiers

Apr. 19, 2013

Hannah Rae FinchampReigning amateur XTERRA USA and World Champ Hannah Rae Finchamp from Altadena, California won the 15-19 division, the amateur title, and would have been 6th pro woman at the XTERRA West Championship on Saturday.

In honor of her domination XTERRA made her the cover girl for its Facebook page.
Learn more about Hannah Rae and find out the answer to often-asked question “why doesn’t she go pro” in this recent article in Freeplay Magazine, authored by none-other than 25-29 division West Champ winner Kara LaPoint.

Forty racers from 10 states, and Mexico, Canada, and Austria punched their ticket into the XTERRA World Championship race in Maui on October 27 by virtue of their performance at the XTERRA West Championship at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday.  All the age group champions plus a few of the top performers in the most populated age groups qualified for the big event in Kapalua, and here's a look at that list…


Div Name Time Hometown
M15-19 Mauricio Mendez 2:31:28 Mexico City, MEX
F15-19 Hannah Rae Finchamp 2:51:24 Altadena, CA
M20-24 Mat Signoretty 2:58:55 Sammamish, WA
F20-24 Elizabeth Gruber 2:58:57 Loma Linda, CA
M25-29 Charles Karstrom 2:45:05 La Jolla, CA
M25-29 Matt Feddersen 3:17:07 San Jose, CA
F25-29 Kara LaPoint 3:03:13 Truckee, CA
F25-29 Amelia Van Dyke 3:32:26 Vail, CO
M30-34 Brandon Mills 2:33:00 San Diego, CA
M30-34 Caleb Guest 2:51:58 Phoenix, AZ
M30-34 Markus Roggen 2:55:05 San Diego, CA
F30-34 Meghan Sheridan 3:00:27 Sandy, UT
F30-34 Maia Ignatz 3:05:42 Boulder, CO
M35-39 Jack Cartwright 2:38:49 Austin, TX
M35-39 Nicholas Goodman 2:43:37 Fountain Hills, AZ
M35-39 Anthony Snoble 2:45:02 East Islip, NY
F35-39 Julie Baker 3:16:52 Sonora, CA
F35-39 Ashlie Angel 3:19:47 Durango, CO
M40-44 Tommy Vonach 2:37:31 Vienna, AUT
M40-44 Mike Cabigon 2:45:32 Henderson, NV
M40-44 John Hatala 2:46:29 San Marcos, CA
F40-44 Kelli Montgomery 3:17:28 Wallingford, CT
F40-44 Grace Menning 3:29:00 North Vancouver, CAN
M45-49 Cal Zaryski 2:39:41 Calgary, CAN
M45-49 Todd Gottfried 2:57:59 Valencia, CA
F45-49 Karen Brisson 3:28:48 Forest Knolls, CA
F45-49 Christy Geyer 3:47:57 Edwards, CO
M50-54 Bruce Wilson 3:00:14 Temecula, CA
M50-54 Jaimie Roth 3:02:24 Cochrane, CAN
F50-54 Anne Gonzales 3:15:15 Aspen, CO
F50-54 Betsy Spiegel 3:27:05 Salt Lake City, UT
M55-59 Tom Monica 2:55:37 Thousand Oaks, CA
M55-59 Cliff Millemann 2:58:44 David, CA
F55-59 Barbara Peterson 3:59:04 Berkeley, CA
M60-64 Michael Orendorff 3:15:48 Pueblo, CO
M65-69 Laurence Goddard 4:01:09 Los Alamos, NM
M70-74 Jim Meskimen 4:29:20 Truckee, CA
M-PC Craig Vogtsberger 3:50:11 Highlands Ranch, CO
M-PC Michael Stone 4:09:27 Boulder, CO
M-PC Jamie Brown  4:31:27 Carlsbad, CA

American finishers in the top 33% in each age group also qualified to represent Team USA at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship to be held this July in Den Hague, Netherlands.  Complete Results