Catching up with Some Mr. XTERRA's

Apr. 11, 2013

There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding the current and former Mr. XTERRA award-winners here at the West Championship race.  Last year’s winner, Jay Heller, doubles as Mr. Las Vegas as well.

Jay HellerHeller, a long-time Las Vegas resident, has been instrumental in pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together so XTERRA can put on a good show here.  He’s gathered the volunteers, and the water, and the recovery food, and the bike tech, connected this person with that person and received and stored truckloads of miscellaneous shipments sent to his house over the past few months, all the while maintaining his own business and family life.

On Saturday he’ll get to relax…and race in the championship.  He’s been racing XTERRA since ’97, and will get the whole family dirty on Sunday as Elliana, Blake, Charles, Rebecca, and Michele join him in the trail run.

2007 Mr. XTERRA Will Kelsay is here – and has another killer racing schedule lined up that will take him all over the U.S. and to France, Italy, and Mexico as well.  This year he has even taken on the role of “American ambassador” to XTERRA Mexico. Seriously, all those wanting a great adventure south of the border need to write him, will [at] He’s got travel plans and itineraries brewing.

“I'm always in the mood for an adventure. Big or small, sane or crazy, if it sounds like it could be fun (or make for a good story), I'm always game,” said Kelsay.

Mr. XTERRA 2006 Courtney Cardenas is in town too – and will be making his inaugural ride and run as Guide to the great Michael Stone, a two-time XTERRA USA PC Champ.  Stone is legally blind, and if you want to see what it’s like to ride a bike through his eyes, check this out.  It’ll be Courtney’s job to keep him straight and keep him safe.

Billy AndersonThe 2004 winner is here too, and you can read what kind of impact Anthony Snoble has had on this race here.

Sometimes the Mr. XTERRA award goes to a “Mrs. XTERRA” and that applies to Barbara Peterson (2003) who is back on the start list and as fast as ever, having done over 100 XTERRA’s and pulling in her 10th regional championship in the West region 55-59 division last year.

Then there’s Billy Anderson, Mr. XTERRA 2003, who’s not in Vegas but you’d think he was based on this picture of him with the famous Guy Fieri of the Food Network yesterday in Chicago.  Apparently the two hit the town last night and at some point Billy got called out for his twitter handle, @mrxterra, and had to phone a friend to get a pic of the perpetual trophy with his name on it to prove he was indeed, Mr. XTERRA. Pic came thru, and he won that bet, we hope.

They are legends, one and all.