Burgunder Sets Sights on Another Adventurous XTERRA Season

Mar. 22, 2013

Richard Burgunder has never met an XTERRA Trail Run he didn't like. His race resume is proof enough.

Rich BurgunderBurgunder, 32, has already competed in XTERRA Trail Run races in Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Japan over the past five years. He has no intention of slowing down in 2013.

"I plan on racing XTERRA Lake Las Vegas, the XTERRA Colorado Series, the XTERRA Utah Series, Nationals and Worlds," he said. "I might also try to make a couple races in the XTERRA Pocono Series, and the XTERRA Richmond."

If all goes well, he could run in more than a dozen XTERRA Trail Run events in 2013, spanning from Hawaii to Pennsylvania.

"What I like most about traveling to all of these different races is how they always bring new adventures and unique experiences into my life," he said. "I love seeing new things and meeting new people along the way. It's both an exhilarating and fun journey to be part of."

Burgunder is one of the most decorated runners in XTERRA Trail Run history. He has previously won age-group regional championships in New England (2009), Northern Ohio (2011) and Pocono (2011 and 2012). He entered his first XTERRA Trail Run in his then-home state of Pennsylvania in July of 2008 and said he "instantly became hooked."

He was raised in Pittsburgh, but moved to Boulder, Colorado, last year for business reasons.

"I'm an adventurer at heart and couldn't think of a better place than Colorado to further pursue my passion for extreme sports and outdoor recreation," he said. "Moving to Boulder was also a strategic move for both growing my sports management business and advancing my athletic career. Boulder seemed very fitting as it's considered a mecca for the lifestyle sports industry."

The move to Colorado will allow Burgunder to test his running skills in the thin air of Colorado and Utah. He plans to chase age-group titles in both the XTERRA Colorado and XTERRA Utah Series.

"My season goal is to become the first runner in XTERRA Trail Run history to win titles in four different regions, and six overall," Burgunder said.

Burgunder will actually have double-duties at the XTERRA races, as he also works as a Field Marketing Associate for PowerBar. "The PowerBar program is focused on supporting endurance athletes and grassroots events by donating samples and providing resources where necessary," he explained. "It is the role of the FMA to be the face of this initiative to the endurance community and to ensure that the brand is represented properly."

Burgunder's daunting 2013 schedule will begin on April 14 at the XTERRA Lake Las Vegas Trail Run. It is an event he is familiar with, and said other runners should take the opportunity to experience the unique trails of Lake Las Vegas.

"The race course consists of very rugged and colorful desert terrain, surrounded by beautiful mountains," he said. "You don't have the opportunity to race in such a uniquely challenging location too often. Also, the immediate Las Vegas metro area provides an electrifying atmosphere and is a very cool place to explore."

Burgunder has been hampered by a broken foot in recent months, but he said it will not prevent him from embarking on another adventurous XTERRA year in 2013.

"I've seen too many people get caught up in the same routine on a yearly basis," he said. "There's so much out there in this world to see and explore. You only live once and it's better to live on the edge than not to live at all. Attending a destination race can be a very exciting and suspenseful experience.  I would advise to plan in advance and scope out the area for fun things to do and cool places to explore."

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