Footbalance System Partners with XTERRA Championship Events

Feb. 14, 2013

Footbalance, an innovator in custom footbed technology, has joined forces with XTERRA, the nation's premier off-road triathlon and trail running series.

FootbalanceAs a Participating Sponsor of all 2013 XTERRA championship events, marketing, and media in the U.S., Footbalance is in a prime position to connect with XTERRA's active, national audience of adventure seekers, weekend warriors and competitors via the XTERRA America Tour of more than 100 off-road triathlons and trail runs held across the U.S.

"We had a great trial run with Footbalance at a few of our events last year and found that our athletes embraced and praised the technology behind the footbeds," said Tom Kiely, CEO of XTERRA.  "We are really excited to have Footbalance as a fixture at our championship races and think they are a perfect fit for our audience."

Footbalance is a personalized footbed, individually custom molded on the basis of a foot analysis to ensure perfect arch support.

Footbalance footbeds support feet properly to prevent over pronation, reduce the effects of excessive supination, and improve overall foot function. Regularly wearing custom footbeds helps improve overall body alignment, which can help reduce the incidence of stress injuries.

"We're excited to join and serve the XTERRA Tribe this season with footbeds that provide better support and foot health for both their training and competition," said Footbalance North America's president and managing director Matt Kaplan.   "Several of us in the North American office have participated in XTERRA events, and since our personal performances there were enhanced by our footbeds, we know first-hand what a great fit this partnership is. We love these races, and we're looking forward to a great season."

XTERRA athletes will benefit from great rates on custom-molded Footbalance footbeds that can be crafted on-site at each XTERRA championship event in the U.S. this year, starting at the XTERRA West Championship at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13-14, 2013. The molding process is done in fewer than ten minutes by trained Footbalance dealers using the Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) software to provide a free overview of the users' unique foot dynamics and stance.