Luck Stone's Technology Package Places XTERRA Athletes on the Map

Oct. 19, 2012

Luck Stone and XTERRA will launch a three-part technology package to transform the athlete and spectator experience at the XTERRA World championship triathlon. The technology package will advance the viewing experience through a social media map / hashtag #XTERRAMAUI, GPS athlete trackers, and live streaming video.

Bob Grauer, president of Luck Stone, noted “our partnership with XTERRA has been mutually rewarding because of our entrepreneurial and competitive spirit and focus on the success of others.” Grauer added. “We are proud to partner with XTERRA again and offer athletes and fans worldwide to experience the competition through the competitors’ lens. XTERRA continually inspires us to think creatively, take risks, and strive for greatness.”

The technology package will add a new dimension to the race in Hawaii by enriching the viewing experience, providing real-time coverage of the competition to on- and off- site spectators and bringing athletes and spectators closer together.

Luck Stone

Originally introduced at XTERRA East Championships in Richmond, Va. in June then at the XTERRA National Championships in Ogden, Ut. in Sept., XTERRA and Luck Stone continue to evolve and advance the technology package.

Luck Stone is working to enrich the XTERRA experience is by creating an interactive social media map. Spectators are encouraged to utilize the hashtag #XTERRAMAUI to link up on Twitter, share their experience and generate excitement through picture-sharing, geotagging and reporting.

The second-part feature is a GPS device worn by the elite athletes that tracks their location, distance, and speed. Like the camera footage, this information will also be available to view online at

The third-part includes cameras operating at different location-points throughout the course streaming live video feed on to the web, enabling viewers to watch the race and cheer on the athletes in real time. Live video fees will be displayed on several large monitors at the World Championship in Maui.