From Around the World to Kapalua

Oct. 26, 2012

XTERRA Maui CourseThe sandy, muddy, bumpy, rocky, and rutted-out trails to Maui have taken competitors to some of the most exotic locales in the world, from Cebu to the Czech Republic.  In all, 15 countries hosted XTERRA championship events that offered qualifying spots to the top amateur finishers.  For U.S. residents there were Maui spots up for grabs at each of the five national championship stops and for those "lucky-you-live-Hawaii-guys" there were two local qualifying races at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu.  From near and far, here's a look at where the racers are coming from to compete in Sunday's XTERRA World Championship at Kapalua, Maui:

Kapalua to...  Qualifying location  MI  KM
XTERRA Mountainman  Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, HI  70  113
XTERRA Canada  Whistler, Canada  2723  4383
XTERRA USA  Ogden, Utah  2951  4749
XTERRA Mexico  Tapalpa, Mexico  3413  5492
XTERRA Saipan  Saipan, CNMI  3789  6098
XTERRA Japan  Marunuma, Japan  3961  6375
XTERRA Philippines  Cebu, Philippines  5297  8525
XTERRA Brazil  Manaus, Brazil  6730  10831
XTERRA Germany  Zittau, Germany  7450  11990
XTERRA Czech  Prachatice, Czech  7523  12107
XTERRA Switzerland  Prangins, Switzerland  7668  12340
XTERRA France  Xonrupt, France  7565  12715
XTERRA Italy  Orosei, Italy  8115  13060
XTERRA South Africa  Grabouw, S.Africa  11507  18520


Here's a look at all the age group and professional athletes that have already won XTERRA World Championship titles and are back in Maui to either defend or re-capture those crowns.


First Last Country Division
Lesley Paterson United Kingdom PRO
Marvin Gruget France 15-19
Alexander Haas Germany 20-24
Daniel Carleton USA 25-29
Thomas Vonach Austria 35-39
Mark Geoghegan USA 45-49
Jaroslav Balatka Czech Republic 55-59
Bruce Wacker USA 65-59
Hannah Rae Finchamp USA 15-19
Lizzie Orchard New Zealand 25-29
Sue Lambert USA 45-49
Tamara Tabeek USA 50-54
Barbara Peterson USA 55-59
Cindi Toepel USA 60+
Cheryl Iseberg USA CEO
Caroline Colonna USA PRO
Catherine Dunn New Zealand PRO
Pierre-Yves Facomprez France PRO
Libby Harrow USA 60-64
Ron Hill USA 70+
Beate Kleindienst Germany 45-49
Nicolas Lebrun France PRO
Eneko Llanos Spain PRO
Melanie McQuaid Canada PRO
Josiah Middaugh USA PRO
Conrad Stoltz South Africa PRO
Tim Van Daele Belgium 30-34
Thomas Vonach Austria 35-39
Lorenn Walker USA 55-59
Richard Wall USA 60-64
Bruce Wilson USA 50-54
Jiri Klima Czech Republic 20-24
Tom Monica USA 50-54
David Rakita USA 60-64
Sharron Prutton New Zealand 55-59
Sonny Vanlandingham USA PRO
Francois Carloni France 20-24
Peter Hawkins United Kingdom 25-29
Marion Summerer USA 25-29
Suzie Snyder USA 20-24


Here's a look at the updated Hawaiian Airlines Double participants - those brave souls who compete at Ironman Worlds before XTERRA Worlds.

Name (Hometown) Division - IM Time
Sebastian Kienle (Hohenklinger, Germany) MPro - 8:27:08
Anthony Snoble (East Islip, NY) M35-39 - 10:06:37
Brett Dunstan (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) M40-44 - 10:15:33
Chad Jarrett (Costa Mesa, CA) M40-44 - 10:29:30
Patrick Clark (Aiea, Hawaii) M35-39 - 10:34:51
Martha Koekemoer (Cape Town, South Africa) F35-39 - 10:49:21
Jeff Bassett (Scottsdale, Arizona) M45-49 - 10:50:07
Erica Dueger (Concord, New Hampshire) F45-49 - 11:30:25
Keri Grosse (Spokane, Washington) F45-49 - 11:32:20
Rebecca Fondermann (Bonn, Germany)  F30-34 - 11:44:16
Pablo Ureta (Huerta Grande, Argentina) M30-34 - 11:46:33
Carol Rasmussen (Karlslunde, Denmark) F45-49 - 11:54:58