A Look into Perfection, The Best from the 2012 XTERRA America Tour

Aug. 30, 2012

Chris ScottKevin Adams, a die-hard XTERRA Ambassador from Maryland, did 12 races this season – the most of any competitor in the XTERRA America Tour by far (James Dewlen, Brian Parker, Robyn Reyes, and Tad Norton each did eight).

When it comes to top performers there are 57 notable age groupers who did well enough in at least four races to top the 300 points mark.  Of that all-star cast, 22 scored a perfect 325 points which means they won four races in their division, plus won their age group at one of the four regional championship events.  Of those 22, half won at least five races, five won seven races, four were a perfect 7-for-7 in their division, and two – Chris Scott from Morrison, IL and Daryl Weaver from Lilitz, PA – won the overall at six of those seven races.  And, get this – in the other race where they didn’t win the overall, Scott was the fourth overall amateur at the XTERRA Southeast Championship and Weaver was fourth overall amateur at the XTERRA East Championship.

Here we catch up with one of the contenders for the ENVE Performer of the Year award – Chris Scott.

XTERRA: When did you do your first XTERRA?

Chris Scott: My first XTERRA was at Ft. Yargo, GA in 2008, where I got third overall.  I really didn't know what to expect, and I headed down and stayed with some friends.  I was pretty nervous and couldn't sleep the night before.  I got on the bike and was riding well and about half way through the ride I came up on Casey Fannin and made the pass, then 100 yards down the trail I crashed right in front of him.  I was pretty embarrassed.

XT: What was your sports background?

CS: I was on a competitive swim team most of my adolescent years. I started running and biking in high school and did my first road triathlon when I was 14.   I focused on running in college and for several years after.  I heard about XTERRA pretty early on and thought it would be a good fit for me, but it took several years for me to decide to train and race triathlons again.

XT: Do you know how many XTERRA races you've done? And how many you've won?

CS: I believe I've done 35 XTERRA triathlons. I think I've won around 20

XT: What was your secret this year?

CS: No real secret really. I've just been refining my training, working on the mt. bike more, and trying to find balance among family, work, and training.  I also have tried to surround myself with like-minded people to train with, from the group that swims with me in the morning, to the guys that run with me and bike with me. It really makes it better to train with people.

XT: I see you're coming to Nationals, and I know you haven't won it before...Who's your biggest competition?

CS: Who isn't? There are several guys I've been keeping my eye on this season. You never know; it could be anyone on any given day. There are a lot of fast guys out there, and they keep getting faster and faster.

XT: How many times have you raced Nationals?

CS: This year will be my fifth

XT: How important is it to you?

CS: I've had a great season and a loss at Nationals won't tarnish that, but I'd love to have a win. It is the one win that has eluded me in my XTERRA career.

XT: Does the course (and all that climbing) play to your strengths?

CS: I am a technical rider and a strong climber, but the altitude is a huge problem for me every year, given that my training all takes place at about 700 feet above sea level.  Here in the Midwest our mountain bike trails are very different from the Utah course.  Midwest trails are very tight and twisty with lots of small climbs and descents, which suits my strengths well.

XT: Most interesting thing that happened, or that you saw on course this year?

CS: At Sugar Bottom this year, it was raining pretty hard on the drive over.  As we enter the park the rain had slowed to a drizzle, and as we set up our transition area and look off to the lake there was a double rainbow across the swim course.  This was the first rain we had in weeks,  it continued to drizzle off and on through the swim, but by the time we had gotten on to the bike the sun was out and it turn into a beautiful day.

XT: What kind of bike do you ride?

CS: I ride a Specialized S-Works Epic

XT: Who is your favorite XTERRA pro?

CS: I find several pros inspiring. It would be hard to choose one!  I really enjoy the Southeast Champ race and watching Conrad and Craig go at it lap after lap.  It also was nice to see Ryan DeCook racing again this year.

XT: What's your favorite XTERRA Course?

CS: There are several local Midwestern races that I love. The DINO series in Indiana, especially Versailles with some of the best single track in the Midwest and a tough run course, Logansport and the awesome quarry lake that we swim in, and Illinois Wilds with one of my favorite run courses that brings you through a wildlife park/ Zoo. I also love the Southeast Championships and make a point to travel there every year, with its rolling hills rocks and roots.

XT: Favorite thing about XTERRA?

CS: Athletes that race Xterra are much more lay back and friendly.  It's an inviting environment,   we get to know each other and we all become part of the family.  We genuinely care about each other and hope for only the best with each other.  We develop friendship with our peers that will last long past our racing careers.

XT: What's your local trail there in Morrison?

CS: There is not a trail here in Morrison, but there are several excellent trails within an hour of here maintained by the F.O.R.C. group in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois.

XT: Did you grow up in IL?

CS:  I grew up in Lilburn, Georgia and went to college in Illinois.

XT: Do you have sponsors?

CS:  I have had a great relationship with Bruce Grell, owner of Healthy Habits Cycles in Bettendorf, Iowa, since I started Mt. biking. In the last year, the shop has officially become a sponsor.

XT: What do you do for a living?

CS: I am the president of a technical college here in Morrison called Morrison Institute of Technology.

XT: Random thoughts or interesting thing we should know about you?

CS: In my limited free time I enjoy woodworking, landscaping, and home improvement projects. Just recently I've started doing some running and Mountain biking with my 8-year-old son. He's already asking when he can do his first XTERRA.



Here's a look at the top points scorers in the XTERRA America Tour this season.  Have a look at the final standings here.

The Perfect Score : 325 Points
Chris Scott (Morrison, IL) Midwest 40-44 : A perfect 7-for-7
Daryl Weaver (Lilitz, PA) Atlantic 35-39 : A perfect 7-for-7
Don Morrison (West Brandywine, PA) Atl60-64 : A perfect 7-for-7Melanie Etherton (Austin, TX) Socentral 35-39 : A perfect 7-for-7
James Dewlen (Stillwater, TX) Southcentral 60-64 : Won 7-of-8
David Rakita (Durango, CO) Mountain 60-64 : Won 5-of-6
Bryce Phinney (Tucson, AZ) West 35-39 : Won 5-of-6
Kyle Grieser (Marble Falls, TX) Southcentral 30-34 : Won 5-of-6
Steve Cole (Olive Branch, MS) Southcentral 55-59 : Won 5-of-6
Tryg Fortun (Kenmore, WA) Northwest 60-64 : Won 5-of-7
Brian Parker (Morrison, IL) Midwest 45-49 : Won 5-of-8
Casey Fannin (Birmingham, AL) Seast 50-54 : A perfect 4-for-4
Tom Monica (Thousand Oaks, CA) West 55-59 : A perfect 4-for-4
Kristin Jo Markham (Collierville, TN) SE 25-29 : A perfect 4-for-4
Lori Goldweber (Birmingham, AL) Seast 45-49 : A perfect 4-for-4
Lucia Colbert (Cordova, TN) Southeast 55-59 : A perfect 4-for-4
Mimi Stockton (Stevensville, MI) Midwest 40-44 : A perfect 4-for-4
Bruce Rogers (Bend, OR) Northwest 45-49 : A perfect 4-for-4
Robyn Reyes (Beaumont, TX) Southcentral 25-29 : 4 wins
Kristi Kees (Cedar Park, TX) Southecentral 40-44 : 4 wins
Paula Maresh (Littleton, CO) Mountain 45-49 : 4 wins
Nicholas Goodman (Fountain Hills, AZ) West 30-34 : 4 wins

Others in the 300 Club...
317 - Tamara Tabeek (San Diego, CA) West 50-54 : 3 wins
317 - Dane Baldini (Bentonville, AR) Southcentral 25-29 : 3 wins
317 - Jessi Stensland (Boulder, CO) Mountain 35-39 : 3 wins
317 - Marcus Barton (Waxhaw, GA) Southeast 40-44 : 3 wins
315 - Mark Rudder (Dunwoody, GA) Southeast 45-49 : 3 wins
315 – Kara Lapoint (Truckee, CA) West 25-29 : 3 wins
315 – Michael Grote (Austin, TX) Southcentral 45-49 : 4 wins
315 - Annette MacNiven (Wainscott, NY) Neast 55-59 : 4 wins
315 - Melissa Norland (Corvallis, OR) Northwest 35-39 : 4 wins
311 - Linda Cole (Olive Branch, MS) Southcentral 45-49 : 3 wins
311 - Barbara Peterson (Berkeley, CA) West 55-59 : 3 wins
309 - Linda Usher (Upton, MA) Northeast 60-64 : 2 wins
309 - Jay Sampsel (Boise, ID) Northwest 50-54 : 2 wins
307 - Bruce Wood (Sherwood, AR) Southcentral 50-54 : 2 wins
307 - Greg Seaman (Brighton, MI) Midwest 50-54 : 3 wins
307 - Peter Lilley (Charlotte, NC) Southeast 65-59 : 2 wins
307 - Rife Hilgartner (Boulder, CO) Mountain 40-44 : 3 wins
307 - Greg Abrahamson (Lafayette, CO) Mountain 30-34 : 2 wins
307 - Scott Zavack (Los Gatos, CA) West 45-49 : 3 wins
306 - Maia Ignatz (Boulder, CO) Mountain 30-34 : 3 wins
301 - Alan Moore (Mount Vernon, IN) Midwest 60-64 : 3 wins
300 - Cliff Millemann (Davis, CA) West 50-54 : 4 wins
300 - Mathieu Signoretty (Sammamish, WA) NW 20-24 : 4 wins
300 - Kathy Johnson (Dallas, TX) Southcentral 50-54 : 5 wins
300 - Steve Etherton (Austin, TX) Southcentral 40-44 : 4 wins
300 - Yoshiko Tischler (Novi, MI) MW 45-49 : A perfect 4-for-4
300 - Heather McNamara (Brighton, MI) Midwest 50-54 : 4 wins
300 - John Lindros (Fort Salonga, NY) Northeast 55-59 : 4 wins
300 - Alex Scott (Rocksprings, TX) SC 15-19 : A perfect 4-for-4
300 - Jack Parks (Bellaire, TX) Scentral 20-24 : A perfect 4-for-4
300 - Kristen Wade (Plano, IL) Midwest 30-34 : A perfect 5-for-5
300 - Namrita Odea (Atlanta, CA) Southeast 35-39 : 4 wins
300 - Jackie Nolan (Birmingham, AL) Southeast 50-54 : 4 wins
300 - Ian Linnabary (Rockford, IL) Midwest 35-39 : 4 wins
300 - Nicole Valentine (Rockville, MD) Atlantic 30-34 – 3 wins