2012 XTERRA America Tour Regional Champions List Released

Aug. 30, 2012

The XTERRA America Tour’s 70-race regular season that stretched across the continental United States and into Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan came to a close on Sunday, and as such it’s time to recognize the regional champs.

Steve ColeClick here to view the 11x17 PDF listing all 175 athletes that won their region. Winners were invited to race in the XTERRA USA Championship (along with other top age group finishers), and will be honored at the Night of Champions dinner at Union Station on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden, Utah on Friday, Sept. 21.

Topping the list once more is 2011 Mr. XTERRA and 55-59 division XTERRA USA Champion Steve Cole, a pilot from Olive Branch, Mississippi.  Cole remains the only racer in XTERRA history to win all 12 regional championships since the inception of the America tour back in 2001. He was the best age group racer in the South Central’s 45-49 division from 2001 to 2005, won the SC 50-54 division from 2006-2010, and is now working on the 55-59 division titles.

While Cole is the only 12-time regional champ, Beverly Enslow of Metamora, Illinois - the reigning and 6x XTERRA USA Champion - is the most prolific female age grouper with 11 regional titles in the Midwest, and this year moved into the 55-59 division.

Former Mr. XTERRA Casey Fannin from Birmingham, Alabama also has 11 titles, while Kyle Grieser, Barbara Peterson, Kathy Frank, and Cindi Toepel joined the double-digit club this year with 10 each.

Also of note, there are five athletes who won their region this year – a full 12 years after winning their region in the inaugural 2001 season: Steve Cole, Matt Boobar, Kathy Couthino, Lois Marquart, and Lorenn Walker.

Here's a list featuring 51 amateurs who have won at least five XTERRA regional titles through the years:

12: Steve Cole - Olive Branch, MS (South Central 55-59)
11: Beverly Enslow - Metamora, IL (Midwest, 55-59)
Casey Fannin - Birmingham, AL (Southeast 50-54)
10: Kathy Frank – Santa Cruz, CA (West 65+)
Cindi Toepel – Littleton, CO (Mountain 60-64)
Barbara Peterson – Berkeley, CA (West 55-59)
Kyle Grieser – Marble Falls, TX (South Central 30-34)
9: Hans Dieben – Chula Vista, CA (West 70+)
Tom Lyons – Reno, NV (West 45-49)
Ken Robins – Cutchoge, NY (Northeast 50-54)
Linda Usher – Upton, MA (Northeast 60-64)
Russell Clark – Scotia, NY (Northeast 60-64)
8: Jim James – Ann Arbor, MI (Midwest 45-49)
Mike Carter – Austin, TX (South Central 45-49)
Errol Lassiter – Woodstock, GA (Southeast 75+)
Valerie Hardin – Doylestown, PA (Atlantic 50-54)
GL Brown – Ada, MI (Midwest 65-59)
7: Marc Hawley – Mount Vernon, IN (Midwest 60-64)
Teodoro Ramos – Berwyn, IL (Midwest 30-34)
Kent Robison – Reno, NV (West 60-64)
Joe Amato –Ellicott City, MD (Atlantic 60-64)
Annette MacNiven – Wainscott, NY (Northeast 55-59)
Julia Peck – Culpeper, VA (Atlantic 55-59)
Tom Monica – Walnut Creek, CA (West 55-59)
Matt Boobar – Stratton Mtn, VT (Northeast 40-44)
6: Libby Harrow – Vero Beach, FL (Southeast 60-64)
Brandyn Roark – Silverdale, WA (Northwest 30-34)
Daniel Rose – Fairfield, CT (Northeast 60-64)
Karen Robertson – Grapevine, TX (South Central 50-54)
Ian Sullivan – Jericho, VT (Northeast 20-24)
Peter Lilley – Charlotte, NC (Southeast 65-69)
Ron Hill – Hayden, ID (Northwest 75+)
Charlotte Mahan – Lenoir City, TN (Southeast 65+)
Kathleen Coutinho – Fairfax Station, VA (Atlantic 40-44)
Ross McMahan – Incline Village, NV (West 40-44)
Lucia Colbert – Cordova, TN (Southeast 55-59)
John Stover – Jackson, MI (Midwest 70+)
Audie Smith – Knoxville, TN (Southeast 55-59)
5: Ellen Sauter – Powell, OH (Midwest 45-49)
Lorenn Walker – Wailua, HI (West 55-59)
Kevin Shelden – Breckenridge, CO (Mountain 45-49)
Peter Hanson – Incline Village, NV (West 45-49)
David Cloninger – Bend, OR (Northwest 40-44).
Suzie Snyder – Wallingford, CT (Northeast 25-29)
Wilburn Powell – Mt. Ida, AR (South Central 60-64)
Jeremy Chandler – Knoxville, TN (Northeast 30-34)
Richard Suggs – Nacogdoches, TX (South Central 65-69)
Lois Marquart – Tacoma, WA (Northwest 60-64)
David Rakita – Durango, CO (Mountain 60-64)
Chris Scott – Morrison, IL (Midwest 40-44)
Craig Vogtsberger – Highlands Ranch, CO (15-39 Mtn, Les Autres)