XTERRA King of the Hill Turns 10

Apr. 27, 2012

Ten years ago Romolo Forcino and Tracy Swenson won the inaugural XTERRA King of the Hill off-road tri in Lebanon, New Jersey.  On May 13, 2012 – the long-loved Atlantic region race will take to the infamous Toboggan Hill for the 10th time.

The venue is the beautiful Round Valley Recreation Center, with its pristine lake, campgrounds and lots of tough trails. The course is a 200-yard sprint down the beach and then a cold half-mile swim out and back done twice. The mountain bike is a 12-mile lollypop loop full of hills, tight turns, rocks, and hairy descents. The 5k run has athletes run up a hill so long and steep, it’s hard to tell if running is any faster than walking.

Race Director Joe Patanella and his Green Brook Racing team have developed quite the regular crowd for the annual event.

“Every year familiar faces re-connect with firm handshakes and even bigger hugs. Playing catch up amidst so many stories being told, the glow of excitement noticeably buzzes inside and outside the transition area. With all participants looking forward to having as much fun as possible, it doesn’t take long for a loose, laid back vibe to start freely floating all about the park. This type of atmosphere commonly found and widely known at XTERRA events, assures in keeping entire race sites free from those stuffy "fancy pant wearing" type of personalities. After all, in the end, it's about having a good time right,” said XTERRA Ambassador Richard Costello after the 2010 race.

To experience a piece of XTERRA tradition head to the Hill, learn more atwww.greenbrookracing.com.