Happy Birthday Bryce Phinney

Apr. 6, 2012

Wishing XTERRA age-group standout Bryce Phinney from Tucson, Arizona a happy 36th birthday today, April 6, 2012.

Bryce PhinneyLet’s hope year 36 starts with a bang like how year 35 ended.

Last weekend Phinney was phenomenal, winning the XTERRA Renegade off-road tri in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, then the  XTERRA REAL off-road tri more than 400 miles away near Sacramento on Sunday.

We caught up with Bryce, a propulsion scientist by trade, to uncover the logistics of such a feat…

How did it go down?
I flew out to L.A. on Thursday night for XTERRA Renegade and made it to my hotel late, around midnight. I pre-rode on Friday and then just relaxed. Raced on Saturday and packed everything up that afternoon for a 7:20pm flight from LAX to Sacramento.  Landed at 8:40pm, gathered my luggage, bike, everything else, and headed for the hotel.  Unpacked and assembled my bike, prepared the rest of my gear, and hit the bed at the Hampton Inn around midnight.

Hardest part?
The craziest part of trying to make both races was building up the bike for the first race, then tearing it down to fly with, and then building it again the night before the second race in the hotel. Luckily I travel with a Tri All 3 case, which is extremely easy to use and requires minimal teardown. Remove the bars, seatpost, rotate the fork 180 degrees, and remove the wheels and that's it.

Differences between the two XTERRA’s?
The races were distinctly different. The water temp for Renegade was around 62, very nice.  The water temp for REAL was cold, reported to be 51; but felt worse!  The mountain bike course for Renegade started out on the road, which allowed for the legs to warm up a bit.  It had a lot of long sustained climbs and descents, with a lot of double-track trail around the park. It was very open. The traction was very loose for large parts of the course.  The mountain bike course for REAL was almost exclusively single track, with a lot of short climbs and descents amongst tight trees. The REAL course had several mud holes due to the rain the day before, but most of the course was very tight with tons of grip. Really the only thing that the two courses shared was the fact that they both were two loops. The run was a lot like the bike course for each.  Renegade had some very long and sustained steep climbs with loose terrain. It got us high above the reservoir for some great scenery. The REAL course stayed low along the lakeshore on a lot of single-track, and dropped down onto the lakeshore for a run across the sand for a short time. REAL had several short punchy climbs. Both races carried a lot of energy.

How’d your nutrition plan work out?
Meals were not very healthy for this trip; mostly restaurants. I found a great sandwich shop in San Dimas, and a great joint on Venice Beach Saturday afternoon while waiting for my flight to Folsom from LAX. The great thing about Hampton Inn is the rooms have a small fridge and microwave, so I bought cereal for my standard pre-race breakfast.

Did you have to check-in at work on Monday?
I did have to go to work on Monday, but I was very fortunate that I am working in Folsom for the week. I had planned on racing XTERRA Renegade, but found out that I would be traveling to Folsom for work the week after the race, and decided to come race REAL too and double up for the weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was getting to see a lot of friends that I hadn't seen since the end of last season. It's always great to see everyone and chat about their off-season, and catch up on everyone's lives. It was also great to see a friend – Rodger Bivens - complete his first XTERRA Triathlon ... at the ripe young age of 70!

Learn more about Bryce and his adventures at brycephinney.blogspot.com