Breakthrough Nutrition Named Official Online Nutrition Store of XTERRA

Apr. 4, 2012

TEAM Unlimited, owners and producers of XTERRA, have named Breakthrough Nutrition the Official Online Nutrition Store of the XTERRA America Tour series of off-road triathlons.

Breakthrough Nutrition“How an athlete manages their nutrition is important to their success and enjoyment of the sport, and we think Cliff and his team at Breakthrough Nutrition can provide valuable support in this arena,” said Tom Kiely, CEO of TEAM Unlimited/XTERRA.

Clifton Duhon, the President of Breakthrough Nutrition, has fine tuned and consistently updated a list of products he believes best fit the needs of endurance athletes and offers them all in one place

“We are a company founded by athletes for athletes who want to achieve their absolute best,” said Duhon.  “We believe an elite level of service should not come with an elite price tag, and that achieving a Breakthrough Performance is better than winning any trophy.”

Breakthrough Nutrition will be on-site at the XTERRA West Championship and can cater nutritional and coaching strategies to the individual athlete.

“We believe that every athlete is unique and deserves a unique training plan, and we do our best to set athletes up with a plan tailored to their needs,” said Duhon.

About Breakthrough Nutrition
Breathrough Nutrition is a supplier of sports nutrition products based out of Maui.  Their inventory of vendors include PowerBar, GU Energy Gel, MET-RX, BSN, Vega, Muscle Milk, Cytomax and many others.  Breakthrough Nutrition is quickly becoming the number one supplier of sports nutrition products on all of Hawaii.  They are now in the process of expanding their operations out to the  continental U.S. What sets Breathrough Nutrition apart from other nutrition suppliers is their unparalleled custormer service standards and their quest for the most technological innovations in the sports nutrition arena.  Learn more about Breakthrough Nutrition at