Lassonde, Slack win Tagaman - Allen, Bucher win PIC Double

Mar. 30, 2012

Lassonde TagamanThe last of four races on consecutive weekends in March ended with Cedric Lassonde finally getting the better of Aussie sensation Ben Allen at the 23rd annual Tagaman road tri on the island of Saipan on Saturday.

Lassonde came out of the 2K swim more than four minutes back of Allen, but went 11 seconds faster on the bike and made the rest up on the run posting a winning time of 2:52:26, a mere 20-seconds ahead of Allen.

Allen still had the best combined time in the XTERRA Saipan and Tagaman tris, thus winning the Pacific Islands Club (PIC) Double award which is good for a week's stay with meals, return airfare and $500 play money.

On the women's side Jacqui Slack ended the three-week supremacy of Renata Bucher, pulling out the win (and placing 6th overall) in 3:18:42.  Austria's Carina Wasle was second in 3:22:54, local Mieko Carey was third, and Bucher was fourth but still posted the best combined times to win the PIC Double award for the fifth time.  Tagaman Results

PIC Double Results


Name Country XTERRA Tagaman PIC Total
Ben Allen AUS 2:31:05 2:52:46 5:23:51
Cedric Lassonde FRA 2:34:58 2:52:26 5:27:24
Will Kelsay USA 2:58:40 3:12:44 6:11:24
Jens Buder GER 2:49:12 3:11:09 6:00:21
Jacqui Slack GBR 3:04:46 3:18:42 6:23:28
Carina Wasle AUT 3:05:53 3:22:54 6:28:47
Renata Bucher SUI 2:54:56 3:26:01 6:20:57
Takahiro Ogasawara JPN 2:45:00 3:53:11 6:38:11
Mieko Carey CNMI 3:13:41 3:24:05 12:59:08