How to Live a Life of Adventures in 2012

Jan. 5, 2012

Exploring the US, Circling the Globe, and Discovering the South Pacific

Will KelsayThe cushy seat of the shuttle bus, the chattering voices of passengers all around, a huge ear-to-ear grin from the elated feeling of infinite possibilities; that exact moment on January 14th, 2007 is saved in crystal clear mental HD as the precise moment that I decided to stop putting my dreams on hold and to start living a life of mind-blowing adventures. I had just worked out a plan to take a summer long trek around the US racing XTERRAs. For years I dreamed of traveling all over the US, but life (my excuses and fears) always got in the way. In that moment, I decided that those excuses and fears would no longer hold me back and I forever changed my life. Four months later, I locked the door to my apartment, climbed into the driver's seat, and fired up my '79 Chevy Eldorado motor home to begin what would be known as Will's XTERRA Adventure.

Adventures - Big ones or small ones, planned ones or unexpected ones; you name it, if there is a chance to experience the unknown, you'll find me there. By whole-heartedly embracing XTERRA's motto of Live More, I have gained the ability to do just that. In hindsight, I ask myself, why had I not been doing this all along?  The answer - the single reason that keeps most of us from achieving our dreams…

Excuses. They continuously hold us back and keep us from achieving what we desire most. Excuses are aplenty when trying something new, scary, unknown, or when potential failure is at hand. But, my experience is proof, you can cast away those excuses and you will find a way to make your dreams possible. Though we often forget, we must remind ourselves, it's worth the risk.  No one desires to live a life of regret due to fear or apathy. And so my message to you is to make a change, and make it now!
Follow these steps to make your next adventurous idea a reality:

Step One - Prioritize. Ask yourself what are the most essential necessities in your life? What can you sacrifice and what is unalterable? How important is that dream to you?

Step Two - Be creative! If one of the priorities you listed is limiting your desired situation, be resourceful and devise a way around that roadblock. Take a step back; look at the positives, the negatives, all the outcomes, and scenarios of that potential adventure.  Really turn them inside out, upside down, and backwards. Approaching a situation from a single standpoint will leave you with limited options for success and increase the possibility of failure.

Step Three - Formulate a plan. Start writing things down. Having a timeline and direction for pivotal components will allow the whole endeavor to become reality. With realistic steps in place it makes the impossible seem possible.

Will KelsayFollowing these steps made Will's XTERRA Adventure a reality. First I made traveling and racing my top priorities, but that led me to a major roadblock - insufficient finances. Step two is where I found the solution. I stopped thinking about my goal from the aspect of "I want this because it's fun" and began looking at it from the aspect of "How could I use my talents to enable my goal?" That led me to the plan of paying for my trip by promoting sponsors via clinics, talks, and media. By applying these three steps, I took an overwhelming obstacle and found a creative way around it.

Each time one of these fanatical adventures is concocted, I take step back to analyze it from a variety of angles. I ask myself, is this really what I want to do? Can I accept the consequences of the choices I will have to make to get there and will I regret not doing it? Finally, I look at how to make to make it all possible. In 2011, I did this again and accomplished my dream of crossing all 24 times zones around the globe in the Triple 6 Adventure (6 races in 6 weeks in 6 countries). I want to tell you, that you can take this same approach to make your dream adventures a reality.

In 2012, I am doing it again with a month long trip to the South Pacific racing XTERRA Guam, XTERRA Philippines, XTERRA Saipan, and the Tagaman Triathlon. Picture spending four weeks swimming in crystal clear lagoons around the remnants of an old World War II tank, tearing through lush tropical jungles on wicked single track, and sliding down a waterfall on the way to the finish line. Does that sound appealing to you? If so, you should join me! Think you can't? Think again! No really, think again. Initially you may think you can't do it, but like I always say, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to Live More!