The Hawaiian Airlines Doublers

Oct. 15, 2010

There were 22 pro and amateur men and women that raced at the Ironman World Championship in Kona last Saturday and are also competing in the XTERRA World Championship next Sunday.

Eneko Llanos is poised to become the first to win five straight Hawaiian Airlines Double awards.  Right now he's tied with Peter Reid with four-in-a-row.  Reid has a record six double titles with wins in 1998 (the first year of recognized competition), 2000, and 2002-2005.  While Llanos is the frontrunner, it's not a given as Michi Weiss is just a little more than seven minutes back.

In the women's pro double chase Julie Dibens looks golden, with more than 28 minutes between her and Samantha McGlone. The amateur men's race looks the most exciting, as five guys are within 10 minutes of each other, led by Slater Fletcher of California.  Here's a look at all the racers we know of competing in the 2010 Hawaiian Airlines Double competition along with their Ironman Hawaii World Championship time...


Name Hometown Division Ironman XTERRA Total
Men's Pros
Eneko Llanos Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain MPro 0.34863
Michi Weiss Vienna, Austria MPro 0.35365
Tyler Butterfield Hamilton, Bermuda MPro 0.36546
Women's Pros
Julie Dibens Bath, England WPro 0.38199
Samantha McGlone Tucson, Arizona WPro 0.40191
Men's Amateurs
Slater Fletcher Huntington Beach, CA M30-34 0.39387
Thomas Vonach Schwarzach, Austria M35-39 0.39509
Daniel Mannweiler Bonn, Germany M30-34 0.39547
Pablo Ureta Fribourg, Switzerland M30-34 0.40088
Raoul De Jongh Cape Town, South Africa M30-34 0.40096
Richard Stoffel Zurich, Switzerland M40-44 0.40188
Mark Geoghegan Honolulu, Hawaii M45-49 0.40503
Eric Sullivan Gunnison, Colorado M30-34 0.40517
Eric Kollai Kailua, Hawaii M30-34 0.41613
Martin Leclaire Munich, Germany M40-44 0.42542
Morgan Zbinden Fribourg, Switzerland M40-44 0.42743
Peter Wood La Jolla, California M65-69 0.50328
Stephen DeWald Mililani, Hawaii M40-44 0.5355
Women's Amateurs
Mindy Fernando Franklin, Michigan W30-34 0.44971
Amber Monforte Reno, Nevada W30-34 0.45139
Rachel Beckmann Beaverton, Oregon W25-29 0.48029
Beverly Watson Alberta, Canada W55-59 0.51671
Katy Rosane Eagle River, Alaska W45-49 0.65005


2009:    Eneko Llanos (11:15:17)
2008:    Eneko Llanos (11:03:39), Sibylle Matter (13:12:08)
2007:    Eneko Llanos (11:17:17), Erika Csomor (13:12:50)
2006:    Eneko Llanos (11:09:17), Sibylle Matter (13:24:06)
2005:    Peter Reid (11:10:09), Kate Major (12:51:01)
2004:    Peter Reid (11:27:59), Heather Fuhr (13:18:17)
2003:    Peter Reid (11:03:50), Heather Fuhr (12:42:03)
2002:    Peter Reid (11:18:23), Arianne Gutknecht (13:30:26)
2001:    Cameron Widoff (11:54:30), Wendy Ingraham (13:37:04)
2000:    Peter Reid (11:05:07), Beth Zinkland (13:15:26)
1999:    Olivier Bernhart (11:05:09), Uli Blank (13:09:57)
1998:    Peter Reid (10:59:49), Wendy Ingraham (12:58:32)