XTERRA World Championship

Sunday, October 28, 2018 – Kapalua, Maui

$105, 000 USD Purse



Since 2003 XTERRA has honored a member of its Tribe that has shown exemplary courage in the face of adversity, gone above and beyond to help the greater community, or personified the “Live More” spirit. Previous winners include:


In college, John Davis was an NCAA All-American swimmer and USA National team member. In 1991 he led the University of North Carolina to three ACC swimming and diving championships and won 11 individual ACC crowns – the most in conference history. Additionally, he trained and tried out for the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Teams.

In 2014, John went from having total mastery over his body to being at its mercy when he began suffering the effects of motor neuron disease, which causes degeneration of the nerves that control muscle function. Instead of being effortless, movement was painful, and sometimes impossible.

Rather than resign himself to a smaller life, John decided to use his experience to connect to the at-risk youth he works with as a certified addiction counselor and founder of the non-profit foundation, 2Xtreme.



Judy AbrahamsTen years ago Abrahams was in a bike-car collision that ultimately led to the amputation of her leg, but she never gave up and has been an inspiration to everyone around her.

“The bad days don’t last forever,” said Abrahams, a two-time PC division XTERRA World Champion. “You have to look forward to good days, and when you’re having a good day take advantage of it. Get outside, get a hold of your friends and do something fun.”



Dave DesantisIn the summer of 2013, Desantis was diagnosed with stage 3C melanoma. He was told he had at most, a year to live.  He tried every available remedy and medication over the next year, and finally his grapefruit sized tumors shrank – and miraculously, were gone just a few months short of the 2014 World Championship.

He raced at XTERRA Worlds in Maui last year with his niece Rachel, who was instrumental in his care and getting him ready to race.

“My favorite XTERRA memory was laying in the medical tent, receiving an IV, at last year’s Worlds and hearing the announcer say:  Rachael Desantis is sprinting to the finish in her first XTERRA Worlds!”



Christophe MauryYou might recognize him for his black racing kit and red socks. You have likely seen him at the finish line, jumping high in the air with his legs behind him and hands held high. You will most certainly recognize his bright blue eyes and inviting smile. And this year, you’ll see him on the top step of the XTERRA European Tour 45-49 podium.

He is Christophe Maury, aka the “Frenchman”, a nickname given to him by XTERRA managing director Dave Nicholas, who was surprised to discover a French man who spoke only English around him. Dave started calling him the Frenchman every time he saw him, then others did as well, and finally Christophe adopted the name and branded his Facebook page “The Frenchman XTERRA Triathlete”.


RON HILL (2013)

Ron HillIn Hawaii, our kupuna – our elders – are highly esteemed.  They are our guides and our mentors.  They are treasured and honored for their wisdom and life experience.

XTERRA is fortunate to have a strong group of kupuna -18 men and women 65 and older that raced in the World Championship in Maui.  XTERRA’s kupuna exemplify our “live more” creedo and inspire us to do more and be more.

Between them they hold numerous national championship and world championship titles. All of these athletes deserve our support and applause – however, one of them is deserving of a little extra attention.

Just a year ago at the XTERRA World Championship, our 2013 XTERRA Warrior Award Winner had a bad mountain bike crash on the downhill and crushed his pelvis.  It’s not an easy injury to recover from, not when you’re 30, and definitely not when you’re 75-years-old.

He went from racing on Maui to a medevac flight to Oahu where he spent weeks prone in a hospital bed.   He graduated to a wheelchair and then to a walker –  and was walking unassisted by the end of February 2013.  It wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t easy, but he did it.



Ben Allen and Jacqui SlackAfter catching an XTERRA event on TV last year, a 27-year-old surfer and ITU circuit racer from Australia, turned the XTERRA mantra “Live More” into a personal challenge.  To face it, he packed his bags and hit the road, competing in nearly every international XTERRA championship race on the schedule – New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, France, Czech, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S.

An exceptional swimmer as a result of countless hours spent in the water winning Aussie surf lifesaving competitions, he was first out of the water in nearly every race he did.  In the Amazon in June, 2011, he not only was first out of the water, but also first across the finish line to capture the XTERRA Brazil Championship.

While the win was his best result of the 2011 season that resulted in several podium finishes and a sixth place ranking on last year’s XTERRA European Tour, his biggest catch of the World Tour came on the romantic Italian island of Sardinia.  That’s where he met a British firefighter by trade, who also loved surfing, traveling, and meeting new people.

She proved to be a worthy off-road triathlete as well, having just finished fourth in the XTERRA Italy Championship behind three well-known, accomplished XTERRA pros.

This year, the two joined forces in their personal XTERRA World Tour…which included ten XTERRA Championships, more than 60,000 kilometers of travel, as the crow flies, and the pursuit of a double dream – World Champion.
The Dynamic Duo of Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack started their tour in the Western Pacific with the “XTERRA Triple Crown” of Guam, Saipan and the Philippines.  From there to Blue Lake in Rotorua, New Zealand….back to Europe for all five events of the XTERRA European Tour…to Utah for the XTERRA USA Championship and culminating here at XTERRA Worlds on Maui.

Through it all, Ben and Jacqui have “Lived More”- perpetuated the XTERRA spirit, challenged themselves, discovered new places and made friends across the globe.  They are fuelled by the same dream to be the best and live life to the fullest…so it is our great pleasure to recognize Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack as the 2012 XTERRA Warrior award winners.

GL BrownG.L. BROWN (2011)

GL started his journey with XTERRA as a 55-year-old in 1998 when his son, professional triathlete Pat Brown, convinced him to do the XTERRA World Championship. Pat retired in 2002 – but his Dad was like the energizer bunny. He kept going and going and going and he is still racing and spreading the XTERRA lifestyle as a member of Team XTERRA all these years later.

He is a regular on the XTERRA America Tour – winner of 7 regional championships, and has been seen on the podium at the USA and World Championships, and even overseas. He has now raced in Maui twelve times and has logged over 50 XTERRA races on his resume.


Taylor SeaveyA swimmer in high school, he did his first triathlon after graduating.  Only two years ago, this young man stood on the sidelines of the XTERRA World Championship and was inspired to compete.  A year later, at 18, he competed in his first XTERRA World Championship, taking 3rd place in his division.

It is not unusual to find an XTERRA athlete who has been inspired to try the sport by seeing it in person or watching it on TV.  But what is unusual is that this XTERRA Warrior was born deaf. We’re proud to introduce a powerful example of someone who overcomes perceived limitations every day – he is the epitome of the power of believing in yourself.

Juergen FehrenbachJUERGEN FEHRENBACH (2009)

This year’s “XTERRA Warrior” award winner was Juergen Fehrenbach, who started with XTERRA many years ago in his hometown of Titisee, Germany.

This big bear of a man raced all over Europe and comes to Maui every year.  He is totally loyal to our sport,  fights for XTERRA like no other, and travels, races and supports with no expectations.


Jamie WhitmoreXTERRA’s winningest pro ever with 37 career victories started battling cancer in late 2007 and in her spirited fight has inspired countless people from around the world. See how she’s doing now at jamiewhitmore.com.

Tae Yoong KimTAE YOONG KIM (2007)

This Korean born Japanese age grouper can be found at XTERRA events in almost every continent – his enthusiasm tanscends the language barrier everywhere he goes.


Nico PfitzenmeierFormer mountain biker, Nico has traveled the world “competing to help kids”. His fundraising efforts assist children in Mozambique with housing and education.


Dr. John has spearheaded the medical support team on Maui since the inception of the race. Behind the scenes he has put in countless hours in preperation for the event


Willie StewartWillie lost his arm in a construction accident but has not let that stop him from pursuing his favorite sports. A high tech prosthetic with shocks and quick release mechanism has allowed him to ride a mountain bike and rip up XTERRA courses all over the U.S.


Bryan MedranoBryan lives life to the fullest while raising awareness and funds for Huntington’s Disease, a neurological disorder that effects him and other family members.