Practice makes perfect, it’s true. But perfection can’t always help you when Mother Nature decides to get in your way. The unexpected is always expected in XTERRA. Just ask a veteran racer. They’ve seen it all: a sudden rise in water levels … thunderstorms wash out the trails … or stifling heat moves in on race day. It’s all part of the thrill.

That’s why XTERRA provides so many ways to prepare for and enjoy the sport of off-road multisport. We connect you with top pros who share their wealth of experience at XTERRA University clinics across the nation. There are loads of articles in this section that deal with the unique aspects of our sport. Plus we keep a running schedule of clinics, seminars and group sessions that let you practice what we preach.

XTERRA University, presented by Paul Mitchell

Paul MitchellListen to some of the world’s finest athletes giving instruction on swimming, mountain biking, trail running, nutrition, mental preparation, and more. These free XTERRA University clinics, held at each of the XTERRA Championship venues, are a must-do for beginner and novice athletes looking to improve their performance. There are both practical and lecture sessions with time for Q & A with the pros.

Middaugh Coaching Corner

Middaugh Coaching CornerXTERRA World Champion Josiah Middaugh and his brother Yaro have signed on to write bi-monthly training tips for the XTERRA Tribe in 2016.

Their column, titled the Middaugh Coaching Corner, will feature a year-long series of training articles talking about everything from race preparation to sport-specific philosophy.

Learn more about the Middaugh brothers and their coaching business online at

XTERRA Couch to Trail Program

Over the past 20 years thousands of athletes have discovered the thrill of running trails and racing off-road with XTERRA. In 2016 the goal is to get thousands more into the sport and expose the “Live More” lifestyle to a whole new generation of athletes.

To help newcomers get started this season XTERRA is rolling out the “couch to trail” column designed to help first-timers get into the sport.

EPC XTERRA Group Coaching Program

epcColorado-based XTERRA pro Cody Waite has been leading the EPC (Endurance Performance Coaching) XTERRA team since 2008, helping dozens of athletes reach their athletic goals, make new friends, and have a whole lot of fun along the way. He’s written a series of tips to help XTERRA athletes achieve their racing goals.

Upcoming Training Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Latest Training Articles

Train With What’s on Course

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