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XTERRA South Carolina Trail Run SeriesThe XTERRA South Carolina Trail Run Series is another case of quality prevailing over quantity. The South Carolina Series features three races in 2016, but each race is considered a unique event.

“South Carolina has many challenging trails that a lot of people outside of that state might not know about,” series director Victoria Seahorn said. “The races in this series offer a different challenge every time, and each event takes place at a gorgeous venue.”

Each race in the South Carolina Series is open to runners of all ages and skill levels from all states, and there will be courses of different lengths at each event to accommodate the runners.

The series kicks off on April 23 with the XTERRA Myrtle Beach Trail Run. The race features four distancesThe XTERRA Harbison Trail Run in July will feature a 21K and a 5K; the XTERRA Table Rock Trail Run will feature a 15K and a 5K in August.

“Something for everyone,” is how Seahorn described it. “The serious and experienced runners can do the long courses and the beginners can stick to the short course.”

Carl Epley resides in Marion, North Carolina, but makes the cross-state drive to enter all of the events in the South Carolina Series because he enjoys the trails.

“I enjoy the variety of different events and conditions in the South Carolina Series,” Epley said. “The trails at Hickory Knob are well-maintained and mostly single track. The race at (Table Rock) is very steep and rugged, whereas the one at Table Rock is a lot flatter, but the weather is such a huge factor there. The heat and humidity in the area at that time of year can pose a big challenge.”

Points will be awarded to the top runners in each age group at every race in the South Carolina Series, and standings will be updated throughout the season. At the conclusion of the series, each age-group champion will receive a free entry to represent South Carolina at the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship.

To register for a race in the South Carolina Series, or to learn more about it, please visit www.xterratrailrun.com or www.marathonmajic.com.

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