XTERRA Puerto Rico Series

XTERRA Puerto Rico Trail Run SeriesIf you’re looking for something new and different, the XTERRA Puerto Rico Trail Run Series is the place to be.

Series director Efrain Cardona said. “Since trail running is new around here, most of the runners have never seen or known about these trails. We’re asking them to just jump in the events to experience some adrenaline along the challenging and adventurous trails.”

In keeping with the “beginners” theme, all of the races in the series will be relatively short – between 5 and 8 kilometers. However, each race will provide a different setting.

“For example, our race in Salinas is in the driest part of the island, but also has the beauty of the mountain altitude,” Cardona said. “And then we’ll have races at Cabo Rojo and Cerro Gordo that are close to the beach trails and could be very hot and humid.”

Cardona said one of the goals of the Puerto Rico Series is to grow both in participation numbers and trail length as the years pass. “We are definitely looking forward to adding longer races as the runners become more accustomed to XTERRA Trail Running,” he said.

One thing that the series wants to keep constant is a family atmosphere. Each race will be preceded by a practice session that is open to all participants. Also, a fun “kid’s race” will be held at each race venue for youths age 12 and younger.

Cardona is also quick to add that the races in the XTERRA Puerto Rico Trail Run Series are open to runners from around the world. He noted that a trip to Puerto Rico from the Mainland United States is relatively easy, with numerous flights out of Florida daily. And because Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, no passport is necessary for travel.

Points will be awarded to the top runners in each age group at each race in the series. At the end of the series, the top overall runners in each respective age group will receive a free entry to represent Puerto Rico at the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in Utah.

Visiting runners could even plan a vacation around one of the Puerto Rico races, as the island is known for its tropical beaches and Caribbean cuisine. As Cardona put it: “Tourist runners will find themselves in a beautiful, vibrant Caribbean jewel with plenty of things to do and places to go.”

To register for a race in the XTERRA Puerto Rico Series, or learn more about it, please visit www.xterrapr.com.