XTERRA North Carolina Series

XTERRA North Carolina Trail Run SeriesThe summer months in North Carolina have become a time for runners to put some trail-running shoes on their tar heels.

The XTERRA North Carolina Trail Run Series will host two races this year in July and August. Scheduling the races during the hot season has been fitting, as the XTERRA Trail Runs have become hot events for runners.

“North Carolina is a place with a lot of potential for growth because they have so many great trail systems and a lot of runners,” series director Tim Schroer said. “The word is getting out that these are must-do races in the area, and if it keeps growing, we’ll have to find more races to put on the schedule.”

The series opens with the XTERRA Whitewater Trail Run in Charlotte, N.C. That course traverses along the whitewater rapids used for training by the U.S. kayak team.

She series finale is the XTERRA Fisher Farm Trail Run, which takes place on a picturesque course in Davidson, N.C.

“You really get a little bit of everything if you enter all three (races),” Schroer said. “The one thing they all have in common is that they are fun.”

Christopher Patino discovered the XTERRA North Carolina Trail Run Series in 2011 and was immediately impressed. He won the XTERRA Fisher Farm Race and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the trails were for the race.

“I’ve been running single track trails for years and years, having grown up in Western North Carolina,” said Patino. “To find a gem like that one all the way in Davidson was perfect.”

Each race in the series is open to runners of all ages and skill levels, and there will be two course options – a “short” course and a long course – to accommodate the various levels. The short courses are 3.6 and 5.2 miles and the longer courses are 7.6 and 10 miles.

To enter a race in the XTERRA North Carolina Series, or to learn more about it, please visit www.dirtyspokes.com.

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