XTERRA Trail Run Series FAQ:

1. How long is the 2018 XTERRA Trail Run Series season?

The 2018 season runs from September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018. A runner’s age during this time period will be based as of August 31, 2018. Any races on/after September 1, 2017 will be scored for 2018 points and will be based on age as of August 31, 2018.  We need to keep all runners on even footing, and this is the best way to make sure the runner’s points stay with them throughout the season.

2. I participated in a race, so why did I not receive any points?

There are a few things to check when determining if you should have received points. First, only the longest distance of the day receives points. Therefore, if there was a 21K, but you ran in the 5K, your race was not eligible for points. The only exception to this is if there were multiple races longer than 21K. Anything 21K and over will receive points. Second, only the top 15 runners in every age group will be awarded points. Also, points stay within their specific region. If you still think you are missing points, please email Emily at trailrun@xterraplanet.com and she will be happy to take a look at the standings.

3. Do I need special shoes to run with XTERRA?

Many runners will have special trail running shoes, but they are absolutely not necessary. Comfortable running shoes are all you need. Many of the events will feature mud and plenty of dirt, so keep that in mind. If you want to keep your new shoes looking new, it’s best to wear some old ones to the XTERRA event.

4. When is XTERRA going to have a trail run in my area?

We are always looking for new regions to bring onto the XTERRA calendar. If you know an experienced race director that would be willing to put on XTERRA Trail Runs in your area, please contact Emily McIlvaine at trailrun@xterraplanet.com or 877-983-7721 and she will be happy to connect with them.

5. Where do I find my points?

Points from every XTERRA Trail Run series can be found here.

6. Who can I talk to if my points are incorrect?

If you think your points are incorrect, please email Emily McIlvaine at trailrun@xterraplanet.com and she will be happy to take a look at the standings.

XTERRA Trail Runs at U.S. Regional/National/World Championships FAQ:

1. Can I pick up a friend’s trail run packet?

If your friend signed up online, you are able to pick up their race bib and shirt at packet pickup.

2. I signed up for the 10K, but I want to upgrade to the 21K OR I signed up for the 10K and want to do the 5K. Is this possible?

You are able to switch distances anytime…even on race day.  If you want to do a longer race, you will be charged the difference in price. Cash, check or credit card are accepted payment forms onsite.  You can downgrade to a shorter race with no additional fees and no refund of your original entry fee.

3. Am I able to transfer my registration to another runner if I am not able to attend the event?

The short answer is no. We do not allow transfers. The only exception is if the runner can produce official military orders indicating a deployment or move out of the area.

4. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are not able to give any refunds at any time.

5. Can I roll my registration to next year’s race?

Sorry, we are not able to roll registrations from year to year.

6. Can I switch my t-shirt size?

If you want to switch your shirt size before the event, please email trailrun@xterraplanet.com with the change. On event weekend, you will be able to pick up the size you indicated on your registration form. If your shirt does not fit when picking up your packet, you made trade after the event if there are any shirts left over.

7. I can no longer come to the event. Can you mail me my shirt?

Unfortunately we are not able to mail the shirts or packets if you are unable to attend the event. However, you can have a friend pick up your goodies if you know someone that can make it to packet pickup.

8. Are there finisher medals?

At the present time, there are only finisher medals for the 21K race at the XTERRA Trail Running World Championship in Hawaii. All races will give awards medals to the top three runners in each age group for any distance of the day.

9. I missed the awards ceremony. Can you mail me my medal or can I pick it up?

All winners must be present to receive their award. We do not keep unaccepted medals and are unable to mail them.

10. Can I pre-run the course?

Pre-running is available at most venues.  Please see the event web pages and race schedules for information.  Note that there is NO pre-running allowed during triathlon races.

11. How many aid stations will be on the course?

We will be sending an email the week of your race with the number of aid stations. All aid stations will have both Gatorade and water. 

12. Can I run with my dog or jogging stroller?

Unfortunately we are not able to allow dogs or jogging strollers on any of our trail run courses, for the safety of all participants.

13. Is there a minimum age requirement for the XTERRA Trail Run Series?

We leave this decision up to the parent or guardian. You know your children’s capabilities better that we do, so we do not have a minimum age limit in place.

14. Is there a time limit?

We do not have any time limits in place for the trail run events. That being said, we do encourage anyone planning to walk the entire course to avoid participating in the longest distance of the day. Many of the races are held in hot climates, and we do not want our athletes or volunteers out on the course too long. That being said, you are certainly able to walk during an event if you need to. There will always be an XTERRA team member waiting until the last runner is off the course.

15. How can I tell if I’m registered for the race?

Each event online registration form has a search feature at the top of the page that allows you to enter your name to confirm your race status.

16. Online registration is closed! How can I still register?

Please visit your event’s schedule to find the times when you can register in person at the race venue. Sorry, we are unable to take registrations over the phone after online registration has closed.

17. Can I use a walking stick on the course?

Unfortunately due to safety concerns, we ask that people do not carry walking sticks on our courses.

18. I have a ton of questions about the XTERRA Trail Run Series. Who can I talk to?

Email Emily McIlvaine at trailrun@xterraplanet.com. She will be happy to help you with anything else you may need.

If you have a question about the XTERRA Trail Run Series that we haven’t covered, please let us know what it is and we’ll add it to the list. 

Call us toll-free at 877-XTERRA1 or email Emily McIlvaine at trailrun@xterraplanet.com.