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An official Guinness World Record was set at the XTERRA Richmond Trail Run last weekend, when five runners from Team X-T.R.E.M.E. completed the 21-kilometer course while wearing Avon Protection’s C50 gas masks.

Team XTREMEThe team ran the entire course together, and finished it in 2 hours, 35 minutes, 51 seconds. An adjudicator from Guinness was at the race, and confirmed the accomplishment as an official world record for the fastest half-marathon while wearing gas masks.

The team received a certificate declaring the record, and they then presented it to Ryan Major, an Army Staff Sergeant who lost both his legs during combat in Iraq in 2006. Team X-T.R.E.M.E. was running in Richmond in honor of Major, and to raise awareness for other wounded veterans. “This meant so much to me. It’s truly an honor, and I appreciate what these guys did for me and are doing for all the wounded veterans,” said Major.

Team X-T.R.E.M.E. is a non-profit support organization with an ongoing mission to honor, motivate and empower wounded veterans. Members of the team who completed the record run were founder Jeremy Soles, along with Jim Snyder, Matt Small, Colin Bunn, and Ben Dyer.

Gas masks create a certain amount of stress for end users, including increased breathing resistance, reduction in field of view and feelings of claustrophobia. The team dons gas masks as a way to symbolize perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds and overcoming mental and physical obstacles.  Challenges experienced in the mask last for hours, while wounded warriors endure their challenges for a lifetime. 


The XTERRA Richmond Trail Run drew more than 600 runners, with Ryan Witt and Sarah Breevoort taking top honors.

Richmond Stream JumpIn the chase for the overall title, the 26-year-old Witt, of nearby Midlothian, Va., went out strong and ended up in a pack of three and ran within himself to see how the race would play out.

"I haven't done a lot of trail races, and I hadn't done this one before so I didn't want to go out too hard and get in front if I didn't have to," said Witt, a former harrier at BYU.

Instead, he settled into a two-man duel with Jason Dowdy, 35, of Richmond until just about a half-mile out. When the finish was in sight he turned on the jets and crossed the line in 1:29:39, just 33 seconds ahead of Dowdy.

"Loved this course, all the different obstacles made it really fun," said Witt.

In the women's half-marathon Sarah Breevoort, 26, of Charlottesville, Va., finally won it all.  In each of the last two years she had finished second in this race.

"I got in front early and felt really good and was chasing down some of the boys and never saw anybody behind me," said Breevort, whose winning time of 1:33:10 was more than eight minutes faster than runner-up Meghan Gebke from Portsmouth.



By Rachel Cieslewicz

Summer is my favorite time of the year for running. I love the sun! The warm, happy and overall alive feelings I enjoy while on the trails during the summer months are the best.  But when it comes to running in the summer, especially when it is hot, it's important to be prepared. Scheduling a cool time of the day to run, staying hydrated, and wearing the proper clothing are all factors that can help create a memorable summer.

Rachel CieslewiczEarly morning is almost always the coolest time of day, so why not take advantage of it with a run.  If you are not an early riser, shifting to that now will allow a cooler workout. In addition, the magic of running to a high point to watch a sunrise and enjoying the still of morning before the world wakes up is my idea of bliss.

I highly suggest morning runs for health as well. The sun is much kinder in the morning. The higher the sun burns bright in the sky, typically the hotter and more intense the rays.  Hydration becomes an issue and ability to put in a good effort is often diminished in the heat of the day.  This is due to the body focusing on trying to cool down rather than going fast.

If you must run when it is hot, proper hydration is essential.  Hydration begins well before you are out there.  In the summer, it is a way of life.  To ensure I have enough fluids, I always drink an extra glass or two of water when I go to bed, as well as when I first wake up.  I carry water with me throughout the day to remind me to drink on a regular basis. If it is really hot and I am very active, I may drink up to a gallon a day.



Dan Dix and Corinne Banks continued their winning ways in the XTERRA Philly Trail Run Series, and they both went a long way to do it.

Dan DixDix was the overall winner of the XTERRA Hibernia Park Challenge Trail Run last Wednesday, June 8, at Coatesville, Pa. He completed the 8-kilometer course in 30 minutes, 47 seconds. He has now won eight consecutive XTERRA Trail Run races, including all three in the Philly Series so far this season.

This was one of the most competitive Wednesday night XTERRA Philly Series races since they began in 2008," said Dix, 32.  "There is a lot of running talent in the Southeast Pennsylvania area so you never know who is going to show up to races you do. I could tell I was going to have my hands full at the beginning of the race.

"I would chalk my win up to my experience running technical trails and my local knowledge of the trails. Hibernia Park is pretty much my home course. I grew up a couple of miles from the park and have been running the trails consistently for the last 18 years. I even lived in the park in a cottage for 4 years after I graduated college."


(Race photo courtesy Stephanie Dix)


Charles Novak won an XTERRA race for the first time, and Lee Conner won her second in two weeks to highlight the XTERRA Hampton Hills Trail Run last weekend.

The 10-kilometer race was completed on Saturday, June 11, at Hampton Hills Metropark in Akron, Ohio, and was the second event in the 2011 XTERRA Northern Ohio Trail Run Series.

Novak, 43, relied on a strong surge in the last stretch of the course to finish first overall with a time of 44 minutes, 19 seconds. "The first part of the course was a challenging climb, but it was a welcome downhill descent on the backside," said Novak, who resides in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

He said he was as far back as fifth place during the first half of the race, and then made his move in the last two miles of the course. He passed Dominic Wyzomirski on the final hill, which was about 400 yards from the finish line.

"Dominic took a pretty good lead with two miles to go," Novak said. "I was surprised that I was able to catch him. I ran the backside pretty hard and was fortunate enough to catch him with one-fourth of a mile to go."

Novak said he was introduced to trail running this year, and plans on entering all the races in the Northern Ohio Series.



The inaugural XTERRA Dry Creek Trail Run was anything but dry. Light rain and a muddy course made for challenging conditions at Garin Park in Hayward, Calif.

The race was completed on June 4, and Galen Burrell of San Francisco emerged as the overall winner, completing the 21-kilometer course in 1 hour, 53 minutes, 56 seconds. He dominated the race, and was the only runner to complete the course in less than two hours.

“Conditions along the hilly course were extremely muddy, which made for very slow going throughout the race,” said Burrell, 31. “In many sections of the course, the mud was so sticky, that each step felt like five pounds of wet cement had stuck to your shoe. Given the slow turnover, the race was more a test of strength and attrition than leg speed. I think the race could have been run about 30 minutes faster under normal, dry conditions!”



Muleshoe GroupLooking for a different way to celebrate Father’s Day? How about participating in a trail run before sitting down for a meal?

The XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Runs is set for Sunday, June 19, at Spicewood, Texas, and it is open to runners of all ages and skill levels.

The event will feature two courses – a 16-kilometer long course and a 6-kilometer short course – at the Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area. In addition to the challenges of the twisty trails at Muleshoe Bend, runners will have to battle temperatures that are expected to rise above 90 degrees.

All runners who participate in the race are invited to stay for the post-race meal, which includes burgers and free beer.

It will be the fourth of five races in the 2011 XTERRA Texas Trail Run Series, and the top runners in each age group will earn valuable points toward a series championship. The top age-group runners at the end of the season will be invited to represent Texas at the 2011 XTERRA Trail Run National Championship at Ogden, Utah, on Sept. 25.

Entries will be accepted on race day. For more information, please visit www.racerevolutions.com.

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