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Richmond JumpThere is still one week left to register for one of the most unique trail runs in the country.

The nationally-recognized XTERRA Richmond Trail Run is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, at Brown’s Island, Richmond, Va., and more than 600 runners have already signed up. Runners of all ages and skill levels are can participate, and registration is still open at xterratrailrun.com.
The XTERRA Richmond Trail Run actually consists of two races – the Richmond 21K and the Fugitive 10K. The 21-kilometer trail is considered the championship course, and it will feature numerous challenges, including a grueling climb up the Manchester staircase (also known as “The Mayan Ruins”), and jumping from boulder to boulder to get across the James River.

But it is the Fugitive 10K that will draw most of the runners, and that course was recently ranked as one of the top 32 trail races in America by Runner’s World Magazine. The course got its name because of its similarity to some of the chase scenes in the movie “The Fugitive,” including river crossings, rock jumpings, and a section that passes train tracks.

To register for the XTERRA Richmond Trail Run, or to learn more about it, please visit http://www.xterraplanet.com/xduro/richmond.html.


The WinyardsCaty Winyard isn’t going to outrun any elite runners anytime soon, but that’s not her goal. What she’d really like to do through her running is help researchers outrun Mitochondrial Disease.

Her next step toward that goal will come next week, when she runs in the XTERRA Richmond Trail Run on June 11 at Brown’s Island, Richmond, Va.

One of Winyard’s brothers is battling the disease, and a sister has been unofficially diagnosed with it. “Mito” is a complex disease that causes breakdowns in cells in various parts of the body.

Winyard notes that her brother has already had two brain surgeries in the past year, and usually spends at least one week per month in a hospital for various treatments.

“The effect it has had on my family both financially and emotionally is enormous!” Winyard said. “My family lives in Fredericksburg, Va. My brother and mom have been traveling to different doctors in Ohio for a week at a time almost every month for the past year. This kind of traveling has been very difficult on them as well as my other five siblings who still live at home.”

In an effort to raise funds and awareness, Winyard started a project called “Outrunning Mito.” Her plan is to run in one race per month for a full year. She is seeking donations at each race, and it will go to the Mitochondria Disease Action Committee, Inc.

Her first race was last month, and she has raised more than $400 so far.

More than 600 runners are expected to participate in the XTERRA Richmond Trail Run on June 11. Most of the elite runners will enter the 21-kilometer long course. Winyard is opting for the 10-kilometer course (the event will feature two courses, and runners can choose to race on either).

She admits that she usually finishes “in the middle” of the field for races, but that may work out best for her project. Winyard will wear a special race jersey with “Mito Action” on the front and a list of her races on the back.

For more information on her cause, or to make a donation, please visit www.crowdrise.com/OutrunningMito

Photo courtesy Caty Winyard


By Rachel Cieslewicz

Rachel CieslewiczRunning day after day can take a toll on the mind and the body.  Periodically, the joy of taking a day to swim, water run, go for a bike ride, or anything that is different can provide the best relief. The burnout factor is dimmed, weaker muscles may be developed and balanced, and the body in general gets a chance to rest from repetitive motion. As running is a high impact sport, doing something without impact is a great opportunity for the body to have a break from pounding while still achieving cardiovascular benefits. Not long ago, I was invited to live this fully due to injury.

Last year, I had a huge reminder that while I love to trail run, sometimes cross training can be the perfect lifesaver.  I started out the year having a great time. But being me, I started running more and more and didn't listen to the signs of overtraining. Despite my body's call for rest, I raced a really hard mountain race as my hips screamed for me to stop. The result was a debilitating injury of seized muscles, dysfunction and pain.  It took quite a while to heal.  In the meantime I had other races I was obligated to race. In order to keep my heart, lungs, and muscles in shape, cross training became my best friend. 

There are many activities a runner can do to cross train.  My activities of choice were swimming, biking and yoga. The swimming and biking were fabulous, as they come naturally for me due to my background in cycling and triathlon.  The ability to ride my bike was the best, as I was could hill train, keep my legs in shape, and think about what it would be like to run my trails as I biked them.  Swimming was great as a non-impact full body workout, reminding me to use my core, and having an excuse to cool off on hot summer days. And yoga is the perfect blend of stretch, strength, balance and breath.  All three activities calmed my mind, as I was still able to train hard and enjoy my endorphin fix!



Setting an early pace was a key component to victory in the XTERRA Vulture’s Knob Trail Run last weekend.

Ryan Collins and Lee Conner both used that strategy on the way to winning their respective divisions. Collins was the overall winner, completing the 15-kilometer course in 1 hour, 15 minutes, 39 seconds; Conner was the first female, finishing with a time of 1:24:38.

More than 100 runners participated in the unique race, which followed a technical mountain bike trail that was made even more challenging by muddy conditions. The race was completed on Saturday, May 28, at Vulture’s Knob Park in Wooster, Ohio, and it was the opening race of the 2011 season for the XTERRA Northern Ohio Trail Run Series.



The XTERRA Vulture’s Knob Trail Run last weekend at Wooster, Ohio, drew more than 120 runners from six different states. Only one came all the way from the Pacific Northwest.

Rich Burgunder and Don WesleyDon Wesley (pictured on right with Rich Burgunder) made the trip from Redmond, Wash., and said it was a memorable return to his childhood home state. He grew up in Cincinnati and West Chester, Ohio, but moved out of state after he graduated from high school.

“The smells, the sounds, the humidity, and the clay/muddy waters all brought back fond memories of running through the woods in West Chester,” Wesley said.  “I love coming home to run.”

It was also a successful run, as Wesley placed eighth overall and second in the men’s 40-44 age division. He completed the 15-kilometer trail course in 1 hour, 24 minutes, 30 seconds. Wesley said most of his recent training runs and races have been at ultramarathon distances, so he was not quite prepared for the “short” trail run.

“Although I was getting pushed back for the first few miles, that endurance and mental toughness helped me salvage a decent day the second half (of the race),” he said. “This event stands out in my mind … it was a very fun and challenging course. There were lots of chances for sprinting, and recovery, and some very challenging technical stuff, which I liked. Running through waters where you don’t know what footing exists below the surface is sketchy stuff. I was very alert the whole time.”

Interestingly enough, the XTERRA race in Ohio brought together runners from the East and West. Wesley said he entered the Vulture’s Knob race to compete with fellow runner Richard Burgunder, who traveled from Pittsburgh.

Burgunder placed sixth overall, about two minutes ahead of Wesley. “I’d been wanting to run an XTERRA Ohio event, and this one aligned with my schedule and Rich Burgunder and I were chatting on Facebook about how he’d be there, too,” Wesley said.

Burgunder and Wesley first met while competing with each other at the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in 2008. They both plan to enter the XTERRA Nationals again this September at Ogden, Utah.

Photo courtesy Richard Burgunder


Dan Dix continued his victory streak in the XTERRA Philly Trail Run Series by winning the XTERRA Warwick Park Ruckus last week at Pottstown, Pa.

Dix completed the 5-kilometer course at Warwick Park in 21 minutes, 46 seconds. It was his sixth consecutive victory in an XTERRA Philly Series race, a streak dating to last year.

"This one was actually one of the tougher courses, even though we've raced at Warwick Park a couple times before," said Dix, 32. "There was a variation on the course this time. We did the same hill up and down like four times. The park is along this ridgeline, and there's trails that go up and down, and so we had to zigzag all the way."

Greg Linsky was the only runner who could somewhat keep pace with Dix, and placed second with a time of 22:22. Linsky stayed close through the first two hills before Dix pulled away.

The third-place finisher was a story himself. Avery Scripture, a high school track runner at Upper Perkiomen, completed the course in an impressive time of 22:50, beating several elite runners.

Corrine Banks of Ocean City, Md., placed 14th overall with a time of 26:20, and was the first female. Beth Bush was second in 28:10, and Diane Grim third in 28:38.



The popular XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series will celebrate summer with a final exam for its runners on Saturday, June 4.

Georgia Series RunnerThe XTERRA Deep South Trail Run on June 4 at Jackson, Ga., will serve as the final race of the 2010-11 season for the XTERRA Georgia Series. The race will feature a 15-kilometer trail course at the Dauset Trails Nature Center, and runners will be tested not only by the challenging course, but also by hot and humid conditions on race day.

It will be the culmination of a six-race series that started in September and has already drawn more than 1,500 runners from 20 different states this season, making it one of the most popular trail run series in the southeast region of the country.

As the series finale, the Deep South Trail Run will be the last chance for runners to earn points for the age-group standings in the Georgia Series. Several of the age-groups feature close standings, which should make for some exciting “races within the race” at the Deep South Trail Run.

Each age-group champion from the final overall standings of the XTERRA Georgia Series will be considered a region champion, and will receive a free entry to the 2011 XTERRA Trail Run National Championship at Ogden, Utah, on Sept. 25.

Race-day registration for the XTERRA Deep South Trail Run will be accepted as long as there are openings. For more information, please visit www.dirtyspokes.com.

Photo courtesy www.defiantphotography.com


Northern California will have a new presence on the XTERRA trail run circuit thanks to the XTERRA Dry Creek Trail Run.

Dry Creek ScenicThe inaugural race will be held on Saturday, June 4, at Garin Park in Hayward, Calif. The race is attracting several top runners from Northern California, including elite competitor John Weru of Oakland.

Weru, who is originally from Kenya, is a former winner of the San Francisco Marathon, and a three-time winner of the Lake Tahoe Marathon. More recently, he won the XTERRA Santa Cruz Trail Run last month.

Dry Creek Trail Run race director Rob Butner said the 21-kilometer course will offer a "great challenge," with around 2,000 feet of total climbs.

"Garin Park is a popular site for runners," Butner said. "Trails here have been used by Moreau Catholic High School's cross-country team as a practice ground and race location for more than 25 years."

Butner said he hopes to make it an annual event, and added that runners of all ages and skill levels can still register for the race. In addition to the 21-kilometer long course, there will also be a 6-kilometer "fun run" course available.

Several prizes will be awarded, including a two-night stay at a Kimpton Hotel. Entries will be accepted on race day. For more information, please visit www.xterradrycreekrun.com.

Photo courtesy www.xterradrycreekrun.com

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