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Mission Gorge StairsFor most, Super Bowl Sunday is reserved for pigging out while watching the big game. But for XTERRA competitors, they'll be starting the day at one of four events.

“Who doesn’t want to have a guiltless pig out?” said race director Shannon Lindner, who will host the XTERRA McDowell Mountain 7 and 24K trail runs (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) on a scenic course that includes an abundance of cacti.

Shannon’s brother, Brennan, will produce the XTERRA Mission Gorge 5 and 15-kilometer trail runs in Santee, Calif. on a course that features the 1,000 steps of Mission Trails Regional Park.  Hosting runs on “pig-out” days is nothing new for Lindner, who annually puts on the Topanga Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.

In Europe they’ve got the XTERRA Luxembourg X-Trail, a 25K race, and across the Pacific in Guam they’re hosting an 8+ miler.


Snowshoe Series

The first-ever XTERRA Steamboat Snowshoe Series has generated considerable buzz around town. The Jan. 25 event at the Catamount Nordic Center in Colorado had a competitive 5k and 10k races and a friendly 1k.

“The participants had a great experience at last weekend’s inaugural XTERRA Steamboat Snowshoe Event,” Todd Gollnick, race organizer, said in an e-mail. “We had a great 5k and 10k course setup at Catamount Ranch that was super well received. Ten K athletes were challenged with some great trails and rolling terrain. There is a post-race buzz around town regarding the event and we are psyched about our Feb. 22nd date. We have a pentathlon in Steamboat in early March so folks are looking at our next event as a great training race.”

Barkley Robinson won the men’s 10k in 42:24, just four seconds ahead of Harry Niedl. Hannah Williams was the top female finisher in 49:09. The event captured the attention of the local newspaper, where 5k women’s winner Kirsten Schoew described the race as “beautiful” and “approachable.”

The series continues on Feb. 22 and the final event will be March 22.

Learn more at http://getfitfamilyracing.com/xterra-snowshoe-series/




Kibbee, Kawasaki win XTERRA Guam Trail Run

Steve KibbeeSteve Kibbee (26:07) and Namiko Kawasaki (36:06) were the top male and female finishers at the 3.7-mile XTERRA Guam Trail Run #2 on Jan. 26. Competitors tackled foggy conditions on a muddy and slippery course.  

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XTERRA will be awarding a comp race entry to the 2014 XTERRA Trail Run World Championships (December 7 at Kualoa Ranch) to the top male and female in each division at the Guam Trail Run Series finale, an 8.2 miler on Sunday.

Photo: Steve Kibbee by XTERRA Guam

De Jesus, Montalvo win XTERRA Bayamon Trail Run in Puerto Rico

In conditions opposite of the Snowshoe Series, Gabriel De Jesus won the men’s 10K in 1:05:17 at the XTERRA Bayamon Trail Run on Jan. 26 in Puerto Rico. Waldemar Galarza was second in 1:05:34. Johana Montalvo was the top female finisher in 1:31:08 and Brenda Rodriguez was second in 1:33:04.

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ScheferWarm up from the winter weather with early registration rates for XTERRA regional championship races. Race in warmer months in states like Nevada, Alabama, Utah, Colorado, and Hawaii. With entry fees as low as $40 for 21km trail runs, $30 for 10km races, and $20 for 5km runs, the time to act is now.

Follow the registration links below for more information:

April 12 - XTERRA Lake Las Vegas 5/10/21km Trail Runs - Lake Las Vegas, NV
May 18 - XTERRA Oak Mountain 5/10/21km Trail Runs - Pelham, AL
June 14 - XTERRA Richmond 10/21km Trail Runs - Richmond, VA
July 20 - XTERRA Beaver Creek 5/10km Trail Runs - Beaver Creek, CO
Sep 21 - XTERRA Trail Run National Championship & 5/10km Trail Runs- Ogden, UT
Oct 25 - XTERRA Kapalua 5/10km Trail Runs - Kapalua, Maui, HI
Dec 07 - XTERRA Trail Run World Championship & 5/10km Trail Runs- Oahu, HI


Don’t think yoga is for you? Too intimidated to set foot into the yoga studio? Lia Catanzaro has heard it all before (especially from men) and suggests you give yoga a shot.

Yoga“I would tell them everyone has been in that position, has felt apprehensive, felt it’s not for them, and it’s intimidating,” said Catanzaro, who teaches at CorePower Yoga and Onewith8 in Honolulu. “Yoga in a general has a very non judgmental, supportive vibe. When you set foot in a studio, the teacher is going to be so open to that and think it’s awesome they give it a try.”

For runners, yoga and stretching helps increase flexibility and allows muscles to open up after a hard workout. Yoga also targets the core in all of its poses.

“Running is great for you but it also makes you super tight,” Catanzaro said. “You want to do something to balance those tight muscles and open them back up. All intense activities, there’s a lot of soreness and pain involved. Stretching and yoga can release some of that.”

Runners in her classes have mentioned hips flexors, psoas, quads, and especially hamstrings as areas of concern. She said when hamstrings tighten up, runners lose flexibility.

Catanzaro recommends stretching at home. Simple yoga poses like a seated forward fold and standing forward fold can help release the hamstrings. And stretching at home can help develop that confidence and feel for your first yoga class.

“You find at Corepower, there’s runners, triathletes, surfers …  there’s a lot of males and that speaks volumes because it can be intimidating for guys and athletes.”

Yoga also focuses heavily on the core. The core is not only vital in athletic performance, but injury prevention as well.

“Every movement in yoga is coming from your core, regardless if you’re only moving your legs and arms,” Catanzaro said. “Yoga focuses on moving from your center and you need a strong core for every position.”

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