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XTERRA Trail Run StartIt was just five years ago when XTERRA initiated a stand-alone Trail Run Series to compliment its off-road triathlon ventures. The idea was to provide more opportunities for all of America to experience the “Live More” lifestyle and discover the pure beauty of nearby Mother Nature. Looking at the stats, you might declare mission accomplished. Since 2005 thousands of runners have gone off-road and the series has expanded dramatically, evolving from a little more than a dozen individual runs to a full-blown nationwide series with 53 races in 16 states stretching from Long Island, New York to Laguna Beach, California. XTERRA now boasts an unprecedented collection of trails to explore for runners of all abilities, from the 5k jogger looking for a fun way to stay active to the competitive half-marathon speedster with dreams of winning an XTERRA national or world championship title in their age group.

New in 2010 are series of three or more races in North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, Alabama, Arizona and Long Island, and back are the best – those events you’ve learned to love in SoCal, NorCal, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, and Philly. Check out the schedule, and find a race near you – or even one far away – and join us in the great outdoors.


Due to recent weather conditions, the XTERRA Crystal Cove Trail Run in Laguna Beach, CA scheduled for this weekend has been postponed to February 28, 2010. More Information


Try your luck at the brand new XTERRA Lake Las Vegas Trail Run on April 24, 2010 in Henderson, NV just minutes from the Las Vegas strip. This race will be held in conjunction with the XTERRA West Championship off-road triathlon and features an unbelievable 5/10/21km course around Lake Las Vegas. Take advantage of the early bird rates starting as low as $20 until March 1. Register Today!


In 2010 XTERRA will roll its very own lifestyle magazine – putting the people, places, and products relative to off-road triathlon and trail running together in a photo-driven format designed to inspire your next adventure. We’re hoping to roll out the first issue on March 1, and need some help from you, our future subscribers (or so we hope). As such, please submit XTERRA-related pictures, content suggestions, story ideas, or actual stories you’ve written to magazine@xterraplanet.com and help us shape a publication you’d like to have on your coffee table.


The XTERRA Thrill in the Hills Trail Run is returning to the stunning Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA on February 27, and this year it’s bringing a brand new challenge. Along with the increasingly popular half-marathon distance, race director TimSchroer has decided to kick it up a notch and add a full blown marathon to the mix. More than 500 runners came out last year, so this is one event you won’t want to miss. Find registration or more information here.


Jon ClarkIf Jon Clark’s name sounds familiar, you probably recognize it from the numerous XTERRA race reports he has been mentioned in over the last few years. He has placed either first or second place overall in each of the last six XTERRA SoCal Trail Runs he has entered and is undoubtedly one of the best runners in the entire XTERRA Trail Run Series. Jon took some time to talk to us about his running career and why he fell in love with the trails.

Photo Courtesy of SuperKidz Photography

Hometown: Howell, Michigan but now lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Occupation: Strength and Conditioning Coach and Dad to two beautiful daughters

When was the start of your running career?
I’ve been continuously involved with sports since about the age of five. Serious running began for me in high school and my trail running pursuits ignited when I moved to California back in 1996.

What is your favorite part about trail running?
For me, the best part is the whole part – diversity, balance, exploration, suffering…the list, like trails, is endless. I feel so alive when immersed with nature that the experience transcends the physical world into a more sensory, even spiritual dimension.

What does your typical running week look like?
Anyone who knows me well knows that I run intuitively. I’m not governed by or follow any type of schedule per se, but rather vibe, mood, rhythm and momentum. Having said that, I typically run 4-5 times per week of varying distances and intensities. Cross training consists of swimming, cycling, and a select assortment of ‘real world’ strength exercises that play a pivotal role in my development.

Tell us about your XTERRA career.
I have competed in XTERRA running events all over the state of California and XTERRA triathlons all over the country. My experiences include two appearances at the off-road triathlon XTERRA Nationals and the World Championship in Maui. XTERRA races on my to-do list include the XTERRA Trail Run National in Bend, Oregon and Worlds in Hawaii.

(Being modest, Jon didn’t mention this, but he has placed first or second overall in every XTERRA Trail Run he has competed in over the last three years. We’d say that’s pretty impressive.)

What advice would you give beginner trail runners?
First I’d say what an awesome idea to engage in the mantra “Live More!” I would encourage newbies and veterans alike to fully embrace and enjoy the terrain. Focus on becoming a better athlete, not just a runner, by enhancing qualities like power, agility, coordination and awareness.

Thanks Jon! We wish you the best of luck with the rest of your racing season and hope to see you in Bend and Hawaii later this year.



The XTERRA Boney Mountain Trail Run kicked off the 2010 New Year on January 9th in Thousand Oaks, CA as 435 runners hailing from 14 states crossed the finish line. Leading the pack were Jon Clark and Christina Castelanelli who claimed victories for the men and women in the main, half marathon distance event.

Photo Courtesy of SuperKidz Photography


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