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Champion System / XTERRAA full line of custom designed cycling, running and triathlon clothing available through online store and select retailers nationwide.

HONOLULU, HI - Champion System, a worldwide leader in custom technical apparel will produce a co-branded line of clothing with Team Unlimited/XTERRA for the 2014 season.

"Champion System is excited to team with the XTERRA family of events. Their longevity within off-road racing and their depth of events makes our relationship a perfect match with our extensive technical triathlon, cycling and running apparel," said Champion System Co-Founder Scott Kaylin. 

Men's and women's cycling, triathlon and running apparel in a large range of designs, are being offered through an online store and at select national retailers. Limited edition designs will also be offered throughout the season.

"We are most excited to have Champion System join the XTERRA team and develop state of the art cycling and running tech wear products. Scott Kaylin has been a leader in the endurance sports world and has a great and innovative design team which will help to accelerate the XTERRA brand," said XTERRA CEO Tom Kiely.



Joe GrayFor a lot of runners December is a month where you relax and recover after a tough season, and rightfully so.

That’s not the case for all of XTERRA’s runners, however. 

Joseph Gray, who was second at this year’s XTERRA World Championship at Kualoa Ranch, was in action again on December 14 at the USATF Club Nationals in Cross Country.

This time Gray crossed the finish line first in 31:05min., six seconds ahead of Sean Quigley of Boulder Track Club. The race took place in Bend, Oregon and the course was designed by four-time XTERRA World Champion Max King.

Gray commented that “the race went out hard, and all the top guys were packed tight for the first 3KM.”. Gray being a strong hill runner used the hills that Max King had designed to his advantage as the race progressed and moved up through the field.

“With about 600 meters to go heading into the last hay bale jump I took a look back and realized I clinched the victory” Gray continued.

Next up for Gray is Bupa Great Edinburgh XCountry on January 11, 2014.


XTERRA Tri and Running Apparel by Champion System


Through XTERRA Max King is known as a four-time World Champion, but now he can also add “Course Designer” on his resume.

Max KingThe tourism bureau for Bend, OR, Visit Bend, approached King three years ago to design the course for the 2013 Club Cross Country Nationals.

King says of the opportunity, “ It was a great to help design a course that would be unique and also really fit well with the Bend running culture.”

Being both a biker and runner, King took inspiration from both cross country and cyclo-cross courses. In recent years most cross country courses have been run on well-manicured golf courses, then XTERRA came along and brought back some of the Cross in Cross Country again, and for some the Max King designed course was a bit tougher than usual.

King received many comments for the course, and from those who actually ran the race the following was a good example of the comments “said it is probably the most challenging course they've run but a ton of fun and not "too" tough.”

King continues “I'd like to think it's the right amount of challenge for people to feel like they've accomplished something difficult while still enjoying the experience and having fun at it.”


The dust had hardly settled on the trophy Polina Babkina received when she was crowned XTERRA World Champion at Kualoa Ranch on November 24th before she was ready to tackle double the distance at the Honolulu Marathon.
Although no stranger to the marathon (she raced it last year and won the Kona Marathon in June in 2:51:53) her performance this year raised a few eyebrows.

Polina BabkinaBabkina crossed the line in 2:46:40, placing fifth overall and first Hawaii resident.

For Babkina, XTERRA was the main goal for 2013, and she commented “After the Kona Marathon in June, I took a break, then trained for 4 months leading up to the XTERRA.  XTERRA was one of the most important races of the season so I prepared for the challenging course by doing lots of hill work.”

Not far ahead of Babkina was her fiancé Nate Carlson. To be precise, only a minute divided the two. Next on the agenda for both of them is their wedding, and then back to running, and training for The Great Aloha Run on February 17 in Honolulu.

Honolulu Marathon Women
1. Ehitu Karos ETH 2:36:02
2. Woynishet Girma ETH 2:36:10
3. Valentina Galimova RUS 2:36:13
4. Aheza Kiros ETH 2:41:32
5. Polina Babkina Hon., HI 2:46:44


A Long Distance Run to Rapa Nui

Susie StephenXTERRA runner Susie Stephen was merely out on a long training run when she placed fifth in her age group (35-39) and ran 1:51:56 at the World Championship, she even continued after she passed the finish line and ran another six miles to “get some miles in”.

It is understandable as to “why” when you hear of Stephen’s upcoming schedule.

On January 18 she will be participating in the HURT 100 mile race on Oahu, on one of the toughest courses known to trail runners. Right after that race it is off to her native England for a totally different race, running the length of England, and then on a boat to Rapa Nui.

This spring, Stephen plans to begin a journey of epic proportions, by traveling from her hometown of Darlington in the UK, all the way to Rapa Nui, Easter Island – on foot, by bike, and by boat.

The trip is both a celebration of the 100th historic voyage, the 1914 Mana Expedition to Easter Island and an environmental awareness campaign.

The environmental message is one of clean water. As Susie runs, bikes and ‘boats’ to Rapa Nui she will be fundraising towards the purchase of a special sewage-digesting unit for the island – a BioMax. The BioMax has been designed to process sewage and produce grey-water that can then be used in gardens and outdoors – lowering the demand on tapped water supplies. Rapa Nui has a burgeoning population and pressure on its freshwater aquifer is leading to renewed calls for waste management improvements. The BioMax unit will be an example of how small steps can be taken by households and businesses to lower their draw on the water supply.

In 2005, as a volunteer with a youth outreach organisation on Rapa Nui (‘A Po), Susie
discovered that she shared a birthplace (Darlington) with the only woman onboard the 1914 Mana Expedtion: Katherine Routledge. Since then Susie has planned to return to Rapa Nui and pay tribute to the work of the 1914 Mana Expedition and Katherine Routledge.

Fast-forward to 2012 and Susie started planning an expedition to retrace the voyage of the
Mana. But as an avid runner, it made most sense for Susie to attempt an overland expedition, on foot, and hence ‘Running after Routledge’ was born.

Susie plans to leave her hometown of Darlington in February 2014, and run the 300+ miles to Southampton over a period of three weeks. From there Susie will jump onboard a boat to South America and travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The planned route from Argentina will take Susie across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to Santiago, Chile. From there, Susie will then sail from Valparaiso out to Rapa Nui.

The 2014 expedition aims to not only inspire and promote environmentally sustainable
practices, but will also create educational experiences for a wide range of people en route, and post-expedition. Susie will be traceable online as she travels, and will be logging ‘phone-ins’ via iPadio where you can catch up on news from the road. Additionally Susie will be documenting the expedition in numerous formats: digitally via video & photography; and on paper with pencil & ink. On return Susie will be publishing a full a post-expedition report in paper back format.

Currently Susie has an active Indiegogo Campaign online that will help ‘Running after Routledge’ to set sail. For more information about the expedition email [email protected].

For more information on the Indiego campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/running-after-routledge-retracing-an-english-expedition-to-easter-island/x/5763842


Although the opposite is evident in the above stories, then it is quite alright to take a break after a long season of training and racing. Your body needs to recover and get ready to start up training again, and the holidays is a great excuse to take a few days off and enjoy the days with your family and loved ones, while also enjoying some good food (everything in moderation).

XTERRA events in the meantime, do not take much of a break, and will start up again the first day of the New Year with the XTERRA Hideout Trail Run, a beautiful 5K at Dead Man’s Gulch, Utah.


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