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Rachel Cieslewicz Snow RunIt’s a new year, so the XTERRA Trail Mix is introducing a new feature for 2011.

“Tips for the Trail” – expert advice from expert trail runners -- will make regular appearances in the Trail Mix e-mail newsletter throughout the year.

Rachel Cieslewicz, an elite runner and triathlete from Salt Lake City, Utah, is this week’s expert, and she tackles a subject that most Americans can relate to these days – running in cold weather. Here are her tips for this week:

Running in the cold

Can’t stand the thought of a treadmill workout? Do you live in the cold and don’t know how to get out there? You are in luck. I am here to help you navigate through the best winter ever with world class, cold weather running tips, just for our tribe.

Cold is a relative term. Each person has varying abilities to run in the cold. Typically a person running at a moderate pace is able to generate warmth up to 20 degrees warmer than air temperature, until you add the elements. My suggestion is to adapt with shorter runs close to home until you find what works for you. More things to think about are gear, terrain, clothing, and fuel.



XTERRA Trail Run World ChampionshipThe earliest birds will get the cheapest fees for the 2011 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship.

From now through Jan. 31, XTERRA is offering the following bargains: $30 for the 21-kilometer championship course, $20 for the 10-kilometer course, and $15 for the 5-kilometer course.

The 2011 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship is scheduled for Dec. 4, and it will once again take place at the picturesque Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. More than 1,200 runners from around the world participated in the 2010 event at Kualoa Ranch.

The trails at Kualoa Ranch are normally closed to the public, so the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship offers a rare opportunity to run on the pristine course.

The event is open to runners of all ages and skill levels (there is no qualifying process).

To register for the early discount, visit http://www.xterraplanet.com/xduro/championship.html


The 2011 XTERRA Trail Run Series got underway this month, with hundreds of runners participating in races in Arizona and Southern California.

XTERRA SoCal SeriesThe XTERRA Boney Mountain Trail Run was held at Newbury Park, Calif., and the XTERRA White Tanks Trail Run was staged at Waddell, Ariz. Both races were held on Sunday, Jan. 9, and runners at each race were treated to picturesque conditions.

“It was nice and cool, great weather for a race like this, actually,” Jason Brosseau said of the Boney Mountain race. “You might have been cold if you just came to watch the race, but as far as running, it was perfect.”

Ryan Stevens, who won the White Tanks race, said of the Arizona conditions: “It was a classic trail race where you had to focus, but all the while you just want to look up and out at the incredible views. And the weather could not have been more clear and perfect.”

XTERRA Trail Runs are renowned for its challenging courses, and Boney Mountain and White Tanks were no exception.

The Boney Mountain 21-kilometer course featured several grueling uphill sections, including a stretch that kept climbing for four miles. “The climbs, they were tough,” said Brosseau, who placed second overall. “There was one that went up for about four miles. It was so tedious, you really had to push yourself.”

Andrew Gara was the overall winner of the Boney Mountain race, while Anissa Faulkner was the first female.

Katie Ellis won the women’s division of the White Tanks race, and said of that 19-kilometer course: “This course offers some of the most beautiful single track I’ve ever run. Several switchbacks lead up to Mesquite Canyon, offering plenty of opportunities to view those ahead (or way above) you.”

The White Tanks race featured nearly 1,800 feet of climbing, taking the runners to a peak elevation of 2,900 feet above sea level. The thin air and fast pace took its toll on at least one runner. As Ellis described it: “The sound of him retching echoed through the canyon.”

The Boney Mountain race was part of the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series, which is one of the most popular on the XTERRA circuit. More than 420 runners participated in the Boney Mountain race, and even more are expected at the upcoming SoCal races.

XTERRA Arizona SeriesThe White Tanks race was part of the XTERRA Arizona Trail Run Series, which is in its first season on the XTERRA circuit.

Arizona and SoCal also happen to be next up on the schedule as well. SoCal’s XTERRA Mission Gorge Trail is set for Feb. 6 at San Diego; Arizona’s XTERRA McDowell Mountain Trail Run is also slated for Feb. 6 at Fountain Hills, Ariz.

Arizona and SoCal are two of the 12 regions that are hosting an XTERRA Trail Run Series in 2011. The others are Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Northern Ohio, Southern Ohio, Philadelphia, Pocono, and Texas.

Runners of all ages can participate in XTERRA Trail Runs. At the Boney Mountain race, for example, runners ranged in age from 9 to 80. Each XTERRA Trail Run will offer awards to the top age-group runners, with the age groups separated in five-year increments (15-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc.).

The races are also open to runners or all skill levels, and most XTERRA Trail Runs offer two courses for runners to choose from. At Boney Mountain, there was the 21-kilometer course for experienced runners, and also a 6-kilometer course for less-experienced runners.

Please visit www.xterratrailrun.com for: the 2011 XTERRA Trail Run schedule, full results of completed races, and registration information for upcoming races.

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