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Optic Nerve, a Colorado-based leader in the sport sunglass industry, is joining forces with XTERRA, the nation’s premier off-road triathlon and trail running series, as a Participating Sponsor and the Official Eyewear Partner of the 2014 XTERRA America Tour.

Josiah with Optic Nerve SunglassesAs part of the partnership Optic Nerve will produce a dynamic line of high-quality, co-branded, lifetime guaranteed eyewear for the XTERRA Tribe.

“Optic Nerve is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with XTERRA. Not only is it a chance to team up with a well-respected, worldwide brand, but it gives us a global platform to carry out our mission of getting more people outside and active. We are impressed with XTERRA’S health and wellness initiatives and find them incredibly synergistic with our own core values,” said Bill Cotton, President of Optic Nerve.

The agreement puts Optic Nerve in a prime position to connect with XTERRA’s active, national audience of adventure seekers, weekend warriors and competitors at more than 165 XTERRA off-road triathlons and trail runs held across the U.S. this year.


To jump start the relationship Optic Nerve is offering 20% off either of the XTERRA collections shades. The code is XTERRA14. Note that it's case sensitive and active through midnight PST on Friday 1/24.


20% Off Optic Nerve Sunglasses


From now until February 15 XTERRA is offering rock-bottom prices on registration rates for its regional championship trail run races, XTERRA Trail Run Nationals and the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship.  Entry fees are guaranteed to be the lowest rates racers will see all season for these events.

Rates as low as $40 for 21km trail runs, $30 for 10km races, and $20 for 5km runs. 

Follow the registration links below for more information:
April 12 - XTERRA Lake Las Vegas 5/10/21km Trail Runs - Lake Las Vegas, NV
May 18 - XTERRA Oak Mountain 5/10/21km Trail Runs - Pelham, AL
June 14 - XTERRA Richmond 10/21km Trail Runs - Richmond, VA
July 20 - XTERRA Beaver Creek 5/10km Trail Runs - Beaver Creek, CO
Sep 21 - XTERRA Trail Run National Championship & 5/10km Trail Runs- Ogden, UT
Oct 25 - XTERRA Kapalua 5/10km Trail Runs - Kapalua, Maui, HI
Dec 07 - XTERRA Trail Run World Championship & 5/10km Trail Runs- Oahu, HI


Alabama kicked off 2014 with a blast at the Monte Sano 15km/5km. This was the last of six races, and the terrain was probably the toughest competitors will face in the series. The weather didn't make it easier with heavy thunderstorms in the area the night before the race and rain stopping just prior to the race starting.

Branden Mader"Those two combined allowed for a true XTERRA Mud Fest!" said race director Tim Schroer.

There was never any doubt that Kylie Lemon would win the women's 15km event. She crossed the line 13 minutes ahead of Erin Looney, while Beth Hiett was another six minutes back.

The men's race saw Brandon Mader running away with the victory as Eric Charette and Jon Krichen battled it out for second and third.

In the women's 5km Lisa Booher won with over a minute lead ahead of Elizabeth Helleand who had Jessia Houppert in hot pursuit only seconds after.

The men's race was close with 14-year-old Korey Shively crossing the line six seconds ahead of 56-year-old Robert Whitaker and another teenager Bailey Herfurth, 16, 20 seconds back for third.



XTERRA hit the trails last weekend in Southern California, at the Boney Mountain State Wilderness area where over 500 runners gathered for the 6km and 21km events. Runners were treated to near perfect conditions, mid to high 60's with a bit of cloud cover that warmed up to nearly 70 degrees by the end day.

SoCal Series"The terrain was some of the most unique as a huge fire came through the area last may" said Race director Brendan Lindner, "So what used to be filled with oaks, vegetation, etc, was a barren wasteland, think of moon scape."

Chris Gilbert finished with the half-marathon victory besting Jonathan Toker by nearly two minutes and Oscar Orozco in third.

For the women Jessica McAdam ran away with the victory nearly five minutes ahead of Jennifer Todd and Jessica Stern.

The men's 6km belonged to the young runners, Connor Dunne, 16, with Cade Ruble, 15, placing second and Trevor Soder, 16, in third.

Likewise, for the women, fifteen year-old Nicole Burch ran away with top honors as Joanna Nygren, placed second and Lora Zagnoli third.



At XTERRA Nationals in September Patrick Smyth took everyone by surprise when he went ahead and won with a commanding performance and by a large margin ahead of Joseph Gray, whom he also met later at XTERRA Worlds in Hawaii. The biggest surprise might have been to Patrick Smyth himself, this was his first try at XTERRA and trail running.

Patrick SmythWe sat down with Patrick to talk about his latest success.

XTERRA: What is your background in running?

Patrick: I ran collegiately at Notre Dame where I was a 7-time All-American across cross-country, indoor and outdoor track. In 2010, I signed with Nike and ran primarily on the roads (10k-marathon) but dabbled in cross country and track as well.

XT: How did you end up at XTERRA?

PS: In the fall of 2012, I enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Utah in my hometown of Salt Lake City. I rediscovered the thrill and escape of trail running around that time. Having logged a pretty good summer on the trails this past year, I decided to try my hand at the XTERRA U.S Champs held at Snowbasin. I was fortunate to get the win there and was able to keep the momentum going and win again at the XTERRA World Champs in Hawaii. Needless to say, I was hooked.

XT: What was your expectations of racing at XTERRA?

PS: I expected the races to be competitive, and knew it would be a dog fight to win at the U.S and World Champs. That was very much the case, as both were tough won battles.



The latest addition to the XTERRA family is XTERRA Nordic. Running26, a Danish based company has added a whole series of races to the calendar in Denmark and Sweden, Norway will follow shortly.

XTERRA NordicThe Denmark races begin May 11 with an off-road duathlon and continues with the main events August 29, 30 and 31 in an area called Tisvilde Hegn. Events include a mountain bike race, a 10km trail run and an off-road triathlon.

The events in Sweden will take place July 11, 12 and 13.

According to organizer Steen Walter, himself a multiple danish champion in cross country, athletes can expect well designed courses, with races of high quality, and "they will cover the varied scandinavian nature that can be found in Sweden, Denmark and Norway" Walter continued.

Despite the fact that Denmark is flat with its highest point at 300 feet the terrain will still provide enough challenges for the participant to make it a real XTERRA event. Just a few hundred kilometers to the north in Sweden you will find totally different terrain that will create a unique nordic experience.

Walter expects that an actual XTERRA Series for the Nordic countries will come in 2015.



First lesson was to keep your eyes at where your feet will be. Of course you cannot always predict what will be under your feet, and sometimes the unexpected will happen and you will step on a loose rock, or in some mud that is deeper than you think it is.

Even the best runners sometimes hit the dirt, and that’s why we love this sport, the element of surprise and unexpected happenings, it is not always the fastest runner who will win.

There things you can do to limit the “damage” from losing your footing or even falling. First of all it is important that you are quick on your reflexes, of course the later it is in a race, the more likely it is for you to lose your footing and at this point you are also more tired so you are not as alert as you should be.

Being well-rested before you go into the race is one of the best advices you can get in terms of helping you be more alert. Having caught up on your sleep the last two weeks before the race will help you catch many missteps.


This XTERRA Training Tip is brought to you by Christian Friis, who has participated in every XTERRA Trail Run World Championship race since its inception in 2008 with a couple of top 10 placings to his credit. Friis got his trail skills fine-tuned on the island of Oahu, but before that, he participated in the World Cross Country Championships in 1992 for his native Denmark, and was also a NCAA Regional Champion and NCAA Championship participant for Hawaii Pacific University, where he later coached the Cross Country teams for eight years.

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