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With the holidays over it is time to get back into the swing of things, and with XTERRA races filling up the calendar year round, there is no excuse for not getting out there and getting it done.

Monte Sano StartThis weekend the action takes place in Alabama and California.

On Saturday, the 5th annual XTERRA Monte Sano State Park 5km and 15km races will take place in Huntsville, Alabama. The 5km race is designed for the less experienced trail runner, but still challenging enough, while the 15km has plenty of climbing and great challenges for the experienced trail runner.

Read all about it at http://www.dirtyspokes.com/monte-sano-state-park/

For those in the West with an urge to experience the Santa Monica Mountains, the XTERRA Boney Mountain 6km and 21km races at Point Mugu State Park on Sunday are for you. The short course provides a great introduction to trail running with a little bit of single track as well as some paved sections.  The half-marathon is quite a bit tougher, and runners will get full value for the money when it comes to a scenic route with plenty of challenges.

Both races start at Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa National Park in Newbury Park and organizers call it the  “Grand Daddy of the Series”, and not for the faint of heart.

Learn more at http://www.trailrace.com/boney.html


The New Year may have just begun but we’ve already got the first two of 90 XTERRA Trail Runs in the books already.  Here’s a look at what happened:

XTERRA Hideout Trail Run 5km at Hideout, Utah on New Year’s Day

Veronica Dawson and Nathan Peters started off the year right winning the first XTERRA race of the year with 34:40 minutes and 21:40 minutes respectively. This race also had a snowshoe division with Seena Loftus and Stephen Loftus crossing the finish line first, together, in 55:31 minutes.

Full Results

AZ Trail RunnersXTERRA White Tanks Trail Run, Waddell, Arizona on Jan. 5

Meanwhile in Arizona, the XTERRA White Tanks Trail Run attracted over 440 excited XTERRA athletes ready to tackle either the 8 km or the 20 km. The 8 km race turned out to be a fast one with Marcus August, 20, crossing the line first in 26:30 minutes, and the rest of the top four finishing within 12 seconds of each other a minute later. On the women’s side Rainey Weaver, 48, proved to be the strongest with a winning time of 31:48.

8km Men
1. Marcus August 26:30
2. Felix Sanchez 27:28
3. Arthur Lopez 27:40

8km Women
1. Rainey Weaver 31:48
2. Stefanie Borg 32:56
3. Abby Hobuen 34:38

With over 1500 feet of climbing the 20K is one of the tougher courses out there, and with plenty of singletrack adding to the climb, Chris Gomez clocking in at 1:24:19 hours for first place, and Erin Kennedy winning the Women’s division in 1:54:44 hours.

20km Men
1. Chris Gomez 1:24:19
2. Ryan Stevens 1:28:25
3. Phillip Slama 1:29:17

20km Women
1. Erin Kennedy 1:54:44
2. Audree Lawrence 2:01:42
3. Maureen Needham 2:02:08

Full Results


Whoever said that you couldn’t run when there is too much snow? Well, they were wrong, get on your snowshoes and head over to Colorado.

Steamboat Snowshoe SeriesThere will be three events in this series starting January 25, with the next two events held February 22 and March 22.

According to organizer Todd Gollnick these events will offer something for everybody. “Our goal is to provide something for everyone and engage folks in experiencing different winter sports” says Gollnick. There will be three distances offered: 1 km., 5 km. and 10 km. and there will also be a Fat Tire Snow Bike Race at each event, a 5 km. competitive event, and 1 km. Family Fun Routes.

“We have been producing events for over 10 years, with fun courses, and the ability to enjoy the beauty of Steamboat Springs” says Gollnick. The races will be held at three different Nordic Centers in Steam Boat Springs.

You can find more info on the races here (that Fat Tire Snow Bike event sounds kind of fun): http://getfitfamilyracing.com/xterra-snowshoe-series/


Over the past few years the popularity of the XTERRA Trail Running series have skyrocketed across the U.S., there are now 90 races and 18 regional series to compete in nationwide.

Renata RunNow the rest of the world is joining the fray on the trails as well. This year we'll see XTERRA Trail races in Luxembourg, Spain, Ireland, Malaysia, Japan, Czech Republic, Brazil, New Zealand, Saipan, Guam, South Africa, Australia and a few more are close to confirming.

As there's no better way to truly discover a destination than by running in its forest, this year there are more opportunities than ever.

Here's a look at one of the newest members of the XTERRA worldwide trail series, all of which culminated at XTERRA Trail Run Worlds in Hawaii on December 7, 2014...

XTERRA Ireland Trail Runs

On July 19th the gun will go off for the very first XTERRA trail run in Ireland, a country with proud traditions in cross country.

The rolling green hills of history rich Ireland will be the perfect setting for an XTERRA race that is now ready to add a quality trail run and off-road triathlon to this rich history.

Killaloe, where race headquarters is based, is just 15 miles north of Limerick and is located between Slieve Bernagh Mountains to the west and Arra Mountains in County Tipperary North to the east, there will be plenty of great terrain for the participants in these races.

Killaloe is where the Irish King, Brian Bory, in the 10th century was born, so it is only fitting that this will be the place that the new XTERRA Ireland King’s and Queen’s will be crowned.

Races include a 7km run and a more challenging 13km trail race on Saturday.

Sunday is dedicated to the triathletes, there will be both a sprint race and a regular distance triathlon, with qualifying slots for the World Championships on Maui and total prize purse for the professional triathletes totaling $15,000USD.

While in Ireland, the surrounding areas will offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities with Galway 60 miles north, and about 80 miles to Cork in the South.  Plus, Dublin is just about 110 miles away to the East.

XTERRA Ireland is part of the XTERRA European Tour which features trail runs and off-road triathlons in 13 countries.


Here at XTERRA we love the fact that people who have never tried trail running before, can join in without much experience and participate in races that just a few years ago was “off limits” if you were not an experienced trail runner. Patrick Smyth (pictured), Salt Lake City, UT, who won both XTERRA Nationals and XTERRA Worlds, is one such runner, he came straight from road racing, and had never run on the trails before.

Patrick SmythBut how can you become a better trail runner? We can help with a few training tips that can improve your skills on the trail.

A common saying among trail runners is “If you look up, you’re going down”.

This should be your first rule of thumb when you are heading out for your next XTERRA Trail run. It is important you are aware of where you put your feet, and know that at anytime you can be stepping on something that might not be stable and cause you to lose balance.

Looking at the ground about 20-30 feet ahead of you when you run on the trails is good practice, this way you will know what is coming up and you can prepare where to place your feet. With some practice your eyes and feet will be coordinated and your run will be smoother. Even while running on asphalt you can practice this with the help of cracks in the road, trying to see if you can predict where your feet will land while running.



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