Weaving into Perfection

Over the last four years nobody has had more success during the course of the regular season than Daryl Weaver, a 42-year-old from Lititz, Pennsylvania.

The 2015 season, however, started off “€œslow” for the four-time regional champ. By slow we mean he finished third overall behind the reigning 20-24 XTERRA National Champion Billy Allen and last year’€™s overall USAT Off-Road National Champion Rob Ricard at XTERRA Jersey Devil in April. Yet, he still won his division.

In his next race he stole that overall USAT Off-Road National Champion crown from Ricard in Pelham, Alabama (which doubled as the XTERRA Southeast Champs). In ‘Bama he was the top amateur and 10th overall behind only nine elites. He followed that win with another overall amateur title at the highly competitive XTERRA East Championship in Richmond where he was 8th overall (and got the better of Billy Allen). Then it was three straight overall victories at XTERRA EX2, Sky High, and Appalachia before another run in with Ricard at XTERRA Syracuse. He finished 31-seconds behind Ricard in 2nd overall, but still won his division.

Since he stared racing XTERRA in 2011 Weaver has won his division in 26 of the 27 races he has€™s done during the regular season, and captured the overall at most of them. Here is how he explains it…

“€œI feel it is a blessing from God that I am 42 and still racing at this pace,”€ said Weaver. “€œI like running races, mountain bike races, and road triathlons, but I love XTERRA!”

“I changed my approach to racing this year, and am trying to pay more attention to what my body is saying during the race and not over cooking the bike. This led to some good races this year and a lot of fun competing against guys like Billy Allen and Rob Ricard. They are great guys and my toughest competition on the east coast. Other than the time between the start line and the finish line, where we try to crush each other and would probably use each other for traction, we get along really good. It’s an XTERRA thing. Truth be told, if it were not for some injuries for both of them, I would not have had as good of a record this year. There are also several other guys from across the U.S. that are coming to nationals that scare me. This is my third nationals, the first two were not good for me, so I’€™m excited to see if my changes help.”€


2015 XTERRA America Tour Points Wrap

Nineteen amateur athletes racked-up a perfect 325 points during the course of the 2015 XTERRA America Tour (same number as last year).

To score 325 points means these athletes won four races in their division, including one of at a regional championship race.

Of those 19, only one was a perfect 7-for-7 in their division this season; Daryl Weaver from Lititz, Pennsylvania. The most prolific women’s racer was Stephanie Landy (pictured above) from Ballston Spa, New York, who was six-for-six this year and is 11-for-11 over the last two years.

Here’s a look at those who garnered a perfect score this year…


First Name Last Name Hometown Stats
Daryl Weaver Lititz, PA 7-for-7
Stephanie Landy Ballston Spa, NY 6-for-6
Ali Arasta Asheboro, NC 5-for-5
Chris Edmonds Birmingham, AL 5-for-5
Paula Maresh Littleton, CO 5-for-5
Mimi Stockton Stevensville, MI 5-for-5
David Duncan Shingle Springs, CA 5-for-6
Marcus Barton Waxhaw, NC 5-for-6
Cliff Millemann Davis, CA 5-for-9
Melanie Etherton Austin, TX 4-for-4
G L Brown Ada, MI 4-for-4
Ronald Hill Hayden, ID 4-for-4
Sharon McDowell Colo Springs, CO 4-for-4
Alan Moore Ada, MI 4-for-4
Bryce Phinney Broomfield, CO 4-for-4
Janet Soule Davis, CA 4-for-4
Linda Usher Upton, MA 4-for-4
Jeff Sabatka Gunnison, CO 4-for-5
Margo Pitts Raleigh, NC 4-for-5

While there were only 19 to reach the perfect score, there were 64 racers in this year’s America Tour to rack up at least 300 points. Here they are…


First Last Hometown Pts
Elaine Morison Lafayette, CA 317
Maria Smit Syosset, NY 317
Steve Cole Alpharetta, GA 317
Mark Milam La Habra, CA 317
Cindi Toepel Littleton, CO 317
Eric Snowberg Golden, CO 315
Deanna Mccurdy Highlands Ranch, CO 315
Russell Clark Scotia, NY 311
Heather Horton Sandy, UT 307
Alisa Seeberger South Jordan, UT 307
Lucia Colbert Cordova, TN 307
Marc Hawley Mt. Vernon, IN 307
Mike Carter Austin, TX 307
Jan Bear Santa Fe, NM 307
Todd Murray Colo Spgs, CO 307
Ryan Brown Richland, WA 307
Casey Fannin Birmingham, AL 307
Peter Lilley Charlotte, NC 307
Al Marvin Denver, CO 307
Jamie Merry Auburn, NV 307
Joshua Schaffer Pendleton, SC 307
Cheryl Stine Bloomington, IN 307
David Rakita Durango, CO 306
Charlie Redmond Tenafly, NJ 303
Michael Nunez Salt Lake City, UT 301
Doug Usher Upton, MA 301
Tad Norton Canandaigua, NY 300
Donnie Bunker Siloam Springs, AR 300
Steve Etherton Austin, TX 300
Caden Ewing Shalimar, FL 300
Jeff Gjertsen Austin, TX 300
Alissa Magrum Austin, TX 300
David Uber Pittsburgh, PA 300
Andrew Smith Knoxville, TN 300
Shannon Kimoto Cumming, GA 300
Matt Lamm Carbondale, CO 300
Alan Johnson Dallas, TX 300
Caleb Baity Boonville, NC 300
Dane Baldini Bentonville, AR 300
Jim Bartholomew Mishawaka, IN 300
Valerie Hardin Black Mountain, NC 300
Rick Margiotta Spicewood, TX 300
Chris Scott Morrison, IL 300
Kat Welling Spartanburg, SC 300

Two Years Ago in Maui: 2013 Worlds

Our run of loading previous years videos is coming to the end.  We’ve got just the 2013 show and last year’s race to plant the seed and get everyone excited for the 20th edition of the XTERRA World Championship coming up on November 1, 2015 in Kapalua, Maui.

October 27, 2013 – Temperatures approaching 90 degrees turned it into a race of attrition as much as a race of competition.

Ruben Ruzafa from Spain made a triumphant return to the top of the XTERRA World Championship podium after completing the course in 2 hours, 34 minutes, 34 seconds. Nicky Samuels from New Zealand took the women’s title in 2:57:48.

Ruzafa, who is 29 and resides in Malaga, Spain, won the 2013 XTERRA World Championship for the second time in his career on a hot Saturday afternoon. Ruzafa won the XTERRA Worlds in 2008, got injured a few days before the 2009 race, then spent the next few years focusing on mountain bike races.

“We knew that it was a really hot day,” Ruzafa said. “I drink a lot (of water). I drink three bottles on the bike so I can make it to the run relatively fresh. I pushed hard and I’m very, very happy.”

Ruzafa trailed the leaders by around two minutes after the swim, but he more than made up for it with an astonishing bike ride. He finished with a bike split of 1:30:11, which was the fastest of the day by more than a minute. He eventually reeled in all the leaders on the bike, and had a lead of about 45 seconds entering the run.

“I was really surprised,” Ruzafa said of his ability to pass the other pros on the bike.

Nobody got close to Ruzafa on the run, and he eventually finished 1 minute, 27 seconds, ahead of the rest of the field.

“Two (XTERRA) championships is really, really good for me,” he said. “It’s a dream.”

Runner-up Asa Shaw from France (via England), also described his best XTERRA showing as “a dream.”

If Ruzafa had the bike ride of the day, Shaw pulled off the run of the day. He passed four fellow pros on the run to capture second place.

“I didn’t really know where I was,” Shaw said of his position in the pack. “I was just pushing as much as I could to catch anyone in front of me.”

He finished with a time of 2:36:01, including the fastest run split of the day at 39:24. Shaw, 29, holds professional status on the XTERRA circuit, but he also works full-time as a carpenter in Saint-Raphael, France.

“When I go to work every day, I see professional athletes who train every day,” he said. “For me to be able to do a podium (finish) today is enormous.”

Keeping with the dream theme, Ben Allen from Australia also described his career-best third-place finish as such. He placed 35th last year after experiencing mechanical problems with his bike.

“I sort of had disappointment in the back of my mind, and I used that as motivation to really dig deep,” said Allen, 28. “I’ve worked so hard over the past two years, and to finish on the podium against a quality field is amazing.”

Allen was one of the leaders out of the swim, and stayed in the top three for most of the bike and run legs. He was in second after the bike before Shaw passed him midway through the run course.

“To ride with (Ruzafa), I had to ride like a madman,” Allen said. “I think I was the loosest guy out there on the corners, and just taking as many risks as possible to stay with Ruben, who’s a phenomenal rider.”

Allen finished in 2:36:24, just 23 second behind Shaw.

Josiah Middaugh from Colorado placed fourth overall and was the top American finisher for the third year in a row and sixth time in his career. His time of 2:37:44, included a 1:34:36 bike split, which was second only to Ruzafa.

“I’m happy with the effort I put into it, but I was a little too far behind out of the water,” he said. “I was about a minute, 30 (seconds) to the lead after the bike, and that’s usually a pretty good position, but it’s really hard to make up that much time on the run when you’re not feeling fresh and I put a lot into the bike trying to catch guys.”

Braden Currie from New Zealand placed fifth (2:39:05) for his best showing at XTERRA Worlds, and four-time former world champ Conrad Stoltz from South Africa was sixth (2:39:31).

Nicolas Lebrun from France placed seventh overall in his farewell to the XTERRA World Championship as a pro. The 2005 world champion is retiring from professional competition to focus on coaching, and he was inducted into the XTERRA Hall of Fame the night before the race.

“My dream was to be close to the top five, and today it happened,” he said. “I wanted to finish my career with a good race, a top 10. I didn’t want to struggle at the end. I wanted to enjoy the race –make it both a good race and a spiritual race, and that’s exactly what it was.”

The women’s race had no such drama at the front, as Samuels jumped into the lead early in the bike and stayed somewhat-comfortably in front the rest of the way.

“A bit shocked, really,” Samuels said of her successful debut at the XTERRA World Championship. “I didn’t know how my descending skills, or lack of, was going to stand up to the other girls.”

Samuels, 30, who raced for New Zealand at the London Olympics and normally focuses on ITU road events, and said she practiced her mountain biking for only three weeks prior to this race. Still, she was able to post the second-fastest bike split among the females at 1:49:36.

“I thought it would be hot and thought there would be a lot of sandy stuff on the bike,” she said. “I guess that’s what it might have been, but more of a mountain bike course with berms and jumps and things. It was kind of like a school cross country race when you’re 5 or 6. It was fun, something different and a nice way to end the season.”

She is the first female from New Zealand to win the XTERRA World Championship (Hamish Carter took the men’s title in 2006).

Her victory ended the successful run of Scotland’s Lesley Paterson, who was the two-time defending XTERRA women’s world champ and had posted seven consecutive XTERRA race victories leading up to this year’s Worlds.

“I just didn’t feel like I had the legs from the start and that’s a horrible course to feel like that,” said Paterson, 33.

Paterson said she knew midway through the bike that victory was probably out of reach, but she still displayed her champion spirit by tracking down two fellow pros on the run to take second place.

Paterson finished the bike in fourth, but passed Barbara Riveros first on the run, then staged a late surge to pass Flora Duffy in the final 100 meters of the run.

“I came off the bike just way down, not where I wanted to be, and I just fought all the way,” she said.

Paterson finished in 3:00:14, including the fastest run split of the day at 43:55.

Duffy, who is an Olympian from Bermuda, finished in third – five seconds after Paterson – for an impressive debut of her own at the XTERRA Worlds. “I’m shocked,” she said. “Coming into this race, I was kind of here just for fun.”

On Paterson’s late pass for second place, Duffy said: “I couldn’t respond. I was just hoping there was nobody behind Lesley.”

Riveros, who is an Olympian from Chile and placed second at the 2012 XTERRA Worlds, took fourth this year with a time of 3:01:43.

Emma Garrard from Park City, Utah, continued her strong showing at the end of this season with a career-best fifth place finish (and first American). She finished in 3:01:49, just six seconds behind Riveros. It followed her career-best fourth-place finish at the XTERRA USA Championship last month.

Chantell Widney from Canada was sixth (3:04:36) and Helena Erbenova from the Czech Republic was seventh (3:05:16). Colorado’s Shonny Vanlandingham, the 2010 XTERRA women’s world champ, placed eighth (3:05:43), and posted the fastest bike split at 1:49:23.

Rounding out the top 10 were Jacqui Slack from United Kingdom in ninth (3:05:52) and Suzie Snyder in 10th (3:08:32).

In the age-group amateur field, youth continued to prevail as a pair of teenagers took top overall honors for the second consecutive year.  Hannah Rae Finchamp from Altadena, California, took the female amateur championship for the second consecutive year, becoming the first female to win it in back-to-back years.  Finchamp’s time was good for 11th overall among all females, topped only by the top 10 pro women.

Mauricio Mendez from Mexico City turned in an equally impressive performance on the male side of the amateur field. The 18-year-old finished in 2:45:48, which was nearly five minutes ahead of the other male amateurs.

Mendez, who graduated from high school in Mexico earlier in the year, finished in 15th place overall.

Watch the Show / 2013 Results

2013 XTERRA World Championship from XTERRA TV on Vimeo.


Kahuna Looks Back on European Tour

XTERRA Managing Director “Kahuna Dave” Nicholas spent the entire summer overseas fine-tuning an XTERRA European Tour that has grown dramatically from just a dream to a full-fledged circuit with top riders, amazing venues, and sold-out fields.

Having just returned to the U.S. in time to take in Saturday’s National Championship race, he took a moment to look back on a remarkable summer of XTERRA racing in Europe…

The season started with a new venue on the island of Malta and ended with an epic battle between the living legend and the newest champion. 2015 had the most races and most participants of any year since we started in 2002 but it was not quantity that will make the year remembered as much as the quality and the diversity.

It all began on the ancient and charming island of Malta with two first time winners in Nicholas Fernandez and Brigitta Poor. Brigitta has raced with us for several seasons and has been steadily improving. This year, as series champion Helena Erbenova says, “She has grown up.”

Men: Fernandez came back after his Malta win and proved the victory was no error with solid and fast performances in Germany and England slowed only by mechanical troubles.

World Champion Ruben Ruzafa is still the undefeated King of XTERRA.  He had 5 starts and 5 wins in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and England. The last was the toughest as 4-time World Champ and XTERRA icon Conrad Stoltz pushed him until the last ½ K and the strain showed on the young Spaniards face as he dropped to the ground at the finish. This may be Caveman’s last year, but he is still as fast as the fastest.

Switzerland saw a surprise winner in young Arthur Forissier who simply got out in front and held it until the end. Arthur, at just 20 years old on race day, has a great future. He followed his win with an excellent 4th overall in France a week later.

Just behind Forissier in Switzerland was Belgian Kris Coddens who broke through with two wins this season in Greece and Denmark. Somewhat limited by his work schedule, Kris is a dangerous competitor who we think has many more wins in his future.

Kiwi Sam Osborne came out of nowhere to win Sweden, another young one at 24 who finished just ahead of Coddens. Kris got his revenge by beating Sam in Denmark.

Aussie Ben Allen wandered into the European scene at the Czech race and promptly won two in a row, there and in Germany before giving chase to Ruzafa and Stoltz for a fine 3rd in England.

Notably, the top two in European Series points did not win a race this year.  Bearded Spaniard Roger Serrano and Frenchman Francois Carloni podiumed everywhere and accumulated enough points to finish 1st and 2nd ahead of Ruzafa. Consistency and excellence paid off this season. Swiss Jan Pyott had a great season for 4th in points and Spains Albert Soley was 5th.

Women:  Helena Erbenova is simply a force.  She now has 4 European Titles to her CV and although the other women are getting closer, nobody goes into a race without worrying what she will do. The Czech mother of two had wins in Greece and Sweden in the Silver division and Spain, Italy, Czech and Germany in the Gold division.

Brigitta Poor added 4 second places and one 3rd to her win in Malta for second in points and diminutive Austrian Carina Wasle won Switzerland and Denmark to finish third in the standings.

Last years champion Kathrin Mueller came out twice and won both of those races in France and Portugal. Two time World Champ Lesley Patterson came to England and won the season closer and Jacqui Slack showed her speed with two thirds in Czech and England and a second in Germany.

Showing consistency does pay. Englishwomen Louise Fox and Jessica Roberts were 4th and 5th in the series championship outpointing the women who may have been faster but did not finish enough events.

The best part of the season was the outstanding duels.  Serrano would often lead from the swim and then Carloni or Ruben would catch him. Then the duel on the run would bring Coddens into the picture. There was terrific passing and re-passing in every race. When Ruben showed up, he generally could get the lead on the bike and keep everyone back except when the Caveman did his best to upset the applecart in England. But the other men did not make it easy.

It was not any different for the women with Erbenova minutes behind out of the water but with such biking skills she could often catch or get within seconds of the lead off the bike and then run faster or simply take the pain to win.  In Switzerland she saw the newfound power of Hungarian Brigitta Poor when she caught the younger woman on the run but then saw her pull away. Carina had great races but suffered bike troubles in others that pushed her back in the standings. Young Austrian Sandra Koblemueller is a definite rising star and is by far the fastest runner in the field often making up 3 or 4 places on the last leg. When she gets her mtb skills going the field had best be ready to see her at the lead.

For 2016 the races increase with new venues in Poland and Belgium. The sport is unbelievably healthy in Europe and with so many great races and historical, beautiful places to visit it will remain healthy for years to come.

Utah Snow

Pre-Race Snow Excites / Frustrates XTERRA USA Championship Racers

They don’t call it SNOWbasin for nothing!

Snowbasin Resort, home to the finish line of Saturday’s XTERRA USA Championship race, got its first snow of the season yesterday and put a hold on racer’s plans to pre-ride and run the trails both yesterday and today.

The bright side, however, is two-fold. Foremost, it’s absolutely gorgeous up on the mountain and second, the storm has passed and sunny weather for the weekend is in the forecast.

“There will be no problem with the weather this weekend, and no chance for any rain or snow,” said Dan Pope, the Chief Meteorologist at KTVX in Salt Lake City.  “Although it will be a bit chilly in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, daytime temperatures will warm to near 70 in the Ogden Valley Saturday (60’s at 6,000 feet), with 75 on Sunday. It will be sunny and dry both days. With the elevation difference, the upper 70’s in Ogden translates to cooler mountain temperatures. There will be a lot of sunshine, with fluffy cumulus clouds over the peaks.”

That’s good news for the hundreds of athletes from 45 states nationwide that have made their way to Ogden, Utah to race for a national crown.

For more information on the elite race download the press guide, and visit our Facebook page for the latest videos, images, and professional bios.

Here’s a look at the men’s elite start list:

No. – Name – Age, Hometown
1 – Josiah Middaugh – 36, Eagle-Vail, CO
2 – Braden Currie – 29, Wanaka, NZL
3 – Chris Ganter – 36, Boise, ID
4 – Branden Rakita – 34, Colorado Springs, CO
5 – Ryan Ignatz – 36, Boulder, CO
6 – Alex Modestou – 28, Durham, NC
8 – Brad Zoller – 37, Avon, CO
9 – Karsten Madsen – 23, Guelph, Ontario, CAN
12 – Chris Foster – 33, Redondo Beach, CA
16 – Olly Shaw – 23, Rotorua, NZL
17 – Chris Legh – 42, Melbourne, AUS
NR – Matt Lieto – 36, Bend, OR
NR – Kieran McPherson – 23, Waikato, NZL
NR – John O’Neill – 25, Edwards, CO
NR – Will Ross – 26, Anchorage, AK
NR – Andrew Russell – 35, Victoria, B.C., CAN
NR – Walter Schafer – 24, Centenniel, CO
NR – Brian Smith – 39, Gunnison, CO
NR – Todd Wells – 39, Durango, CO
NR – Noah Wright – 41, Austin, TX

Here’s a look at the women’s elite start list:

No. – Name – Age, Hometown
1 – Emma Garrard – 33, Park City, UT
2 – Suzie Snyder – 33, Fredericksburg, VA
4 – Sara Schuler – 34, Boulder, CO
5 – Maia Ignatz – 34, Boulder, CO
6 – Kara LaPoint – 28, Truckee, CA
7 – Catherine Sterling – 38, Ayer, MA
8 – Debby Sullivan – 33, Rocklin, CA
11 – Jaime Brede – 38, Breckenridge, CO
12 – Rebecca Blatt – 35, Lakewood, CO
15 – Caroline Colonna – 51, Taos, NM
NR – Jenny Fletcher – 39, Santa Monica, CA
NR – Genevieve Evans – 42, Carnelian Bay, CA

Follow the elite race live on twitter @xterraoffroad, #xterraUTAH starting at 9am MST on Sept. 19.


WHO: More than 1,000 athletes from 45 states ages 9-to-76.
WHAT: The XTERRA USA Championship triathlon and XTERRA Utah short and long course tri’s are on Saturday, plus kids races, clinics, and Ogden’s annual Harvest Moon Celebration, and the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship half-marathon and 5k, 10k fun runs are on Sunday.
WHEN: Friday-Sunday, September 18-20, 2014
The XTERRA Expo is from 10am to 6pm on Friday in Ogden
The XTERRA USA Championship race starts at 9am Saturday
The XTERRA Trail Run Nationals race starts at 9am Sunday
WHERE: Ogden on Friday and Snowbasin Resort on Sat/Sun
WHY: Both the XTERRA Tri and Trail Run National Championship races are the culmination of 70-race nationwide series, that end with a best-of-the-best showdown in Utah.
TV: XTERRA TV is producing an hour-long, nationally broadcast television show on the USA Championship, highlighting Northern Utah as a mecca for outdoor adventure recreation. Watch highlights from last year: https://vimeo.com/106709346

WEBSITE: www.xterrautah.com
PRESS GUIDE: http://www.xterraplanet.com/uploadedfiles/2015XTERRANationalsGuide.pdf

Follow the elite race live on twitter @xterraoffroad, #xterraUTAH starting at 9am MST on Sept. 19.

The 2015 XTERRA Nationals weekend is presented by the Utah Sports Commission, Paul Mitchell, and XTERRA Travel. Sponsors include Outrigger Resorts, the GOAL Foundation, Gatorade Endurance, PowerBar, ENVE, Utah Media Group, the U.S. Forest Service, XTERRA Wetsuits, Snowbasin Resort, Muscle Milk, XTERRA Fitness, LifeProof, Optic Nerve Sunglasses, Greenlayer, Salming, and XTERRA €ˆBoards.


XTERRA USA Championship Course Update

Emma Garrard recently posted some GoPro footage from the trails XTERRA will race on this weekend and brings us this update on the conditions.

“The course is dry, mostly pretty hard packed but still some rocky sections on both the bike and the run,” she said.

“Doesn’t look like we will get much rain before the event so course might be dustier than previous years.  I like this course because there is a lot of sustained, not super-steep climbing, and it is the type of climbing we have in Park City. It is also primarily singletrack with some fun descents. Plus, the fall colors are beautiful this time of year and the air is crisp.”

Here’s a look at some course stats:

Swim course distance: 1,500-meters (0.93 miles) Combines two 750-meter laps (no run in-between)
Elevation at Port Ramp Marina for swim start: 4,900-feet / Water temperature: Traditionally around 67 degrees
Mountain bike course distance: 28-kilometers (17.7 miles) / Total climbing on bike: 3,400-feet
Elevation at highest point: 7,300-feet (where Sardine Peak Trail meets the ridgeline)
Elevation at T2/Snowbasin Resort Lodge: 6,400-feet
Trail Run course distance: 10.4kilometers (6.47 miles) / Total climbing on run: 616-feet / Total climbing on course: 4,016-feet

Read more and see course map at www.xterrautah.com


South Africa Welcomes New Addition to ’16

Stillwater Sports, the organiser of South Africa’s premier off-road triathlon, the Fedhealth XTERRA presented by REHIDRAT® SPORT is excited to announce that the event will make its Port Elizabeth debut the weekend of 29 – 31 January 2016.

“We have a number of exciting changes in store for 2016,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports.  “XTERRA Port Elizabeth will not be a traditional XTERRA SA Event.  While it won’t feature an Urban course, it will have a ‘City Feel’ to it.  It will also boast with an ocean swim, an element that has not been seen at XTERRA SA for quite some time now.   Many athletes are also not aware of the fact that Port Elizabeth offers beautiful trails in the heart of the city. These trails will be utilised for the XTERRA bike and run courses.”

“Another exciting change to the XTERRA series will see each event featuring an XTERRA Kids Race,” continues Meyer. “Event weekends will start as follows: XTERRA kids on the Friday, followed by the XTERRA Full on the Saturday and finally the XTERRA Lite on the Sunday. Together with these exciting changes and the exceptional support received from Fedheatlh, we are looking forward to a truly memorable season of XTERRA racing.”

2016 Event Dates:

Buffelspoort (North West Province) – January 22-24
Port Elizabeth – Januaru 29-31
The XTERRA SA Championship at Grabouw (Western Cape) – February 19-21

Entries for all three events will open on Thursday, 17 September 2015.  Follow along on twitter @XTERRASA / @Fedhealthmed and Facebook at XTERRA South Africa / Fedhealth Medical Aid

For further information contact Stillwater Sports at entries@stillwatersports.com / www.stillwatersports.com.


Woolastook Last Chance for Canucks

The inaugural XTERRA Woolastook off-road triathlon near Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada on Sunday is the last chance for Canadians to pick up a spot to race in Maui’s 20th edition of the XTERRA World Championship.

Winners of every division (10 year age groups 20-29, 30-39, etc…) will earn a qualifying spot into XTERRA Worlds and prize money will be awarded to the top three overall men and women in both the long and short course races (1st – $150, 2nd – $100, 3rd – $75).

There will also be a duathlon on offer and relay team divisions for all events, plus a bbq party after the races.

Woolastook is the seventh race in this year’s XTERRA Canada Tour, presented by Muscle MLK.

“Thrilled to join the XTERRA Tribe and bring a race to our backyard,” said race organizer Clifford Worden-Rogers, who is an XTERRA racer himself, about the inaugural event. “Athletes can expect a unique swim course that requires racers to navigate around a suspension bridge.  The mountain bike course is comprised of single and double track through mostly shaded wooded areas of the park, and runners can expect a rolling course of grass and dirt trails.”

For more info visit xterrawoolastook.com, http://xterracanada.com/, or write to info@xterrawoolastook.com.

Lesley Paterson

Maui 2012: The Year of the Tsunami

On the eve of the XTERRA World Championship a severe tsunami warning was in effect and all racers staying in low-lying areas were evacuated and many slept in cars up on the hill.  Not ideal pre-race prep and there was much concern that the swim, even the whole event, would have to be cancelled.

Those fears and the tsunami warning for the Hawaiian Islands was canceled early on Sunday morning, and then Javier Gomez and Lesley Paterson went out and stormed the competition.

Gomez was the overall winner, completing the course (1.5-kilometer swim, 30K mountain bike, 10K trail run) in 2 hours, 26 minutes, 50 seconds. Paterson was the top female, not only repeating her accomplishment of a year prior, but bettering it. She finished with a time of 2:44:11, which was nearly two minutes faster than her winning time in 2011.

Coming into the race all of the XTERRA pros knew who Javier Gomez was. He is, after all, a two-time ITU triathlon world champ in addition to the 2012 Olympic silver medalist. They just didn’t know how good he might be on an XTERRA course.  He turned out to be exceptional.

“I didn’t expect that,” Gomez said. “I had a really good swim … but I knew these guys like Conrad (Stoltz) and the good mountain bikers, they are much better than me, especially on the technical sections, so my tactic was try to push really hard uphill because then you can go hard uphill and then on the downhill just not even try to go crazy fast, just try to recover and avoid crashing. It worked pretty well.”

Gomez won it with an astonishing swim and a strong finishing run. He exited the water by himself, with the others more than a minute behind. He maintained the lead for most of the bike, before Conrad Stoltz passed him late on the course.

“I was surprised they caught me so late,” Gomez said. “It was mile 14, maybe something like that when Conrad came. The last technical section before transition, he made a little gap, maybe 30 seconds.”

Stoltz’s lead would be short-lived, as Gomez regained control early on the run course. “Javier is an amazing all-around athlete,” said Stoltz, who owns a record four XTERRA world titles. “When I heard he was going to do this race, I knew he was definitely going to be a factor. Apart from his amazing physical abilities, his mental game is top notch.”

XTERRA USA Champion Josiah Middaugh from Colorado also passed Stoltz during the run and finished second in 2:27:40. He has been chasing the XTERRA world title since 2001, and this was his best showing to date.

“I’m very happy with my race, I felt like I had the best day that I could with the skills that I have,” said Middaugh, 34. “Lost a ton of time in the water and I knew that was going to be the story.”

Middaugh came out of the water nearly four minutes after Gomez, and the difference proved to be too much, even though Middaugh had the fastest best bike time of the day (1:23:34).

“We knew he was the most talented guy here, we just didn’t know how his skills were on a mountain bike,” Middaugh said. “We had a really hard time making back time on him. He raced really smart.”

Stoltz (pictured) placed third in 2:30:03, and held off Costa Rica’s Leonardo Chacon late in the run. “I didn’t see Josiah until 2K into the run,” Stoltz said. “He came flying by.”

Chacon finished fourth, just 16 seconds behind Stoltz. Victor Del Corral from Spain was fifth, just four seconds behind Chacon. It was the XTERRA World Championship debut for Chacon and Del Corral.

The top 10 men were an indication of the international diversity of the field. Eight countries were represented in that top 10, including sixth through 10th: Brent McMahon (Canada), Asa Shaw (France), Tim Don (United Kingdom), Yeray Luxem (Belgium) and Olivier Marceau (France).

Former XTERRA world champs Nicolas Lebrun from France and Eneko Llanos from Spain placed 11th and 12th, respectively.

Sebastian Kienle from Germany placed 14th just two weeks after placing fourth at the Ironman World Championship on the Big Island to win the Double award.

In the women’s race Paterson said “It was perfect from start to finish for me.  I’ve done some great training leading up to this. This was my big focus of the year, and it panned out exactly how I wanted it to.”

The 32-year-old from Scotland took the lead early in the bike and then ran away from the other women. She finished more than four minutes ahead of runner-up Barbara Riveros (2:48:18) from Chile. Marie Rabie from South Africa was third in 2:53:55, and Heather Jackson from Carlsbad, Calif., was fourth in 2:54:12.

Paterson’s reputation has always been as a running specialist, but she has taken her mountain bike skills to a higher level in recent years and she now has two XTERRA world titles (and an ITU Cross World Championship) to show for it.

“I’ve done a lot of running off the bike, a lot of strength running off the bike, so I was prepared for that,” Paterson said. “To be honest, the bike felt real comfortable and I didn’t push it too hard so I knew I could come out and do a good run. I knew these ITU girls are quick runners so I had to really have my A game for that.”

True to form, Paterson had the best run time of the day (40:51), but for the first time in her five years of entering the XTERRA World Championship, she posted the fastest bike time among the women.

It was also an impressive debut for Riveros, who was the only female to get remotely close to Paterson. “I’m pretty happy,” Riveros said. “To race XTERRA was one of my dreams, so I really enjoyed it.”

Third-place Rabie proved her worth on the trails, following a fourth-place finish at the 2012 Olympics. She got off to a quick start, leading the women out of the swim, and then got passed only by Paterson and Riveros.

Heather Jackson had a strong run to finish in fourth place, and Jacqui Slack from the United Kingdom took fifth. Rounding out the top 10 were (in order): Magali Tisseyre from Canada, Renata Bucher from Switzerland, former XTERRA world champ Shonny Vanlandingham from Colorado, Helena Erbenova from Czech Republic, and Marion Lorblanchet from France.

Neilson Powless from Roseville, Calif., was the top overall amateur with a time of 2:42:35, while Hannah Rae Finchamp from Altadena, Calif., was the top female amateur in 3:05:55.

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2012 XTERRA World Championship from XTERRA TV on Vimeo.